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This logo is incredible but ...

WWE announced NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver earlier today, a two-night event during WrestleMania week to really beat us over the head with just as much programming as the company can manage to throw at us. That’s a talk for another time. I’m here for something else.

Yes, let’s have a quick chat about that logo.

It is, in fact, a fire logo. Absolute flames.

Having said that, I am so annoyingly bothered by that ampersand being placed next to the skull and not reworked in such a way that it acts as the nose to the skull in the middle of the image. Or, hell, put it inside the “X” of “NXT.” Really, anything other than where it ended up.

I am deeply, madly in love with that logo in every way other than that ampersand and the more I look at it the less I can stand its placement. This is silly, I tell myself; it is a very good logo and that is a very small detail to get hung up on. But I am hung up on it, maybe because I can’t help but focus on the unrealized potential of what it could have been.

Such is life.

Damn ampersand.

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