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Miz’s WWE title win proves there was no plan for the 2020 Money in the Bank winner

From the collective “Holy $#!+” wrestling fandom let out when the briefcase literally fell into Otis’ hands on the roof of Titan Towers at last May’s Money in the Bank, we pretty much knew WWE was winging it.

Hard to blame them, seeing as we were still in the early days of the Pandemic Era with no fans in arenas (or even on screens in arenas yet), several top stars missing, and desperate for a spark. When in doubt, go for “out of nowhere!”

As the months wore on it and it became clearer & clearer that Otis wasn’t even going to get a cup of coffee as Universal champion at this point in his career, the shock & awe turned into “WTF?” The briefcase went to Raw with Miz, where it was an accessory he carried with him to the ring for a while before being used for another attempted headline grab TLC.

Miz losing his cash-in and regaining the contract on a technicality reminded us it existed, and two Sundays ago at Elimination Chamber it came back into play. It made the A-Lister a historically weak champion, but at least it finally took Money in the Bank out of the equation.

While WWE works to tell the story of how Miz’s second WWE championship reign will fit into WrestleMania 37’s title picture, the man himself pretty much confirmed their was never a plan for this year’s green-and-gold briefcase.

He talked to Renee Paquette about his Chamber win on Oral Sessions last week (transcription courtesy 411mania):

“I had no idea. I went in there, and nobody was talking to me. Like, all of the creative. I was like, ‘Is anyone going to tell me what the hell is going on?’ This was in the afternoon. I was like is anyone gonna talk to me? And then, I went in and figured out what was going on, and I was like, ‘OK, this is it.’ Honestly, you never believe it’s gonna happen. Until you hear 1-2-3, you don’t believe it’s gonna happen.”

Not only is that evidence that booking for the Money in the Bank winner was seat-of-the-pants, it supports every “plans change” rumor caveat we’ve ever heard.

Wonder if Miz has heard anything about tonight yet?

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