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Seriously, where is Eva Marie?!?

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I’m losing my patience here, folks.

Back in October of last year, reports made the rounds that Eva Marie had re-signed with WWE and would be making her return. It wasn’t clear when exactly that return would happen, but she was already training and has been at the Performance Center putting in some time in preparation.

Then, nothing.

When we hit the new year, I openly wondered where she could be. That very same day, there were reports she was coming around and there was even talk she was getting scheduled for an appearance at the “Legends Night” episode of Monday Night Raw scheduled for just days after that post went live.

She did not appear on that show.

Okay, fine, perhaps WWE was saving her big return for the Royal Rumble, where they would need a few surprises to fill out the match. There were indeed multiple surprises, with a few returning stars thrown in there, but none of them were Eva Marie.

It is now Feb. 9, we’re just weeks away from Elimination Chamber and mere months away from WrestleMania 37, and she still hasn’t appeared on television. We’re left to look far too deep into pics she’s posting on Instagram with recently signed wrestlers who kind of look like Brock Lesnar.

For Pete’s sake, where is she?!?