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Kofi Kingston is back, and New Day still wants a tiebreaker with RETRIBUTION

The math is a little off, but I think Xavier Woods just really want that intergender match with RECKONING.

Out with a jaw injury since early last month, Kofi Kingston’s had to watch from the sidelines (and exchange online promos with Mustafa Ali) while his New Day brother Xavier Woods fought RETRIBUTION alone on Raw.

But on a Monday night full of big names returning to action, Kingston was in action on Feb. 8. He teamed with Woods to defeat SLAPJACK & T-BAR.

That was the fifth match of this program. X lost to T-BAR and MACE on Jan. 11 and 18. He came back to beat SLAPJACK on the 25th, and Ali on Feb. 1. Just last week, Woods was on Raw Talk talking about a tiebreaker, which last night’s win could count as.

But that’s not enough, it seems. Kofi wants FIVE (again).

I guess KK - not to be confused with KOK, the new nickname Kingston gives his partner here - is only figuring singles matches into his calculation. That would mean he’s asking for a fifth match for Woods and not for New Day. That seems to be what the UpUpDownDown host is clarifying on Twitter...

Perhaps the tag match last night was just a way to stall for time until Mia Yim gets cleared after her recent positive COVID test? Should we keep hope alive for Woods vs. RECKONING?

I’m not sure. But I am glad Kofi’s back.

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