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Sarah Logan & Erik introduce their newborn son to the world

In July of last year, Sarah Rowe - who WWE fans knew as Sarah Logan - announced that she and her husband Raymond - who WWE fans know as Erik of Viking Raiders - were expecting.

She said she was six weeks along at the time she shared the news. Fast forward seven months and...

First off, congrats! But also, let’s give Sarah a freaking standing ovation for the Iron Woman match she and Wee Baby Cash just had. 44 hours!

No complaints from Mama, of course.

The Riott Squader was released by WWE as part of their pandemic profit-ensuring moves last April, and later announced she was putting leaving wrestling “for the foreseeable future”. Former Raw Tag champ Erik hasn’t been around much since November, when he appeared on Main Event and was being used in the 24/7 title scene on Monday nights. His tag partner Ivar had neck surgery in September.

But nobody’s focused on that stuff right now. Let’s all just ohh and awe over Wee Baby Cash!

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