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Batista cruises to an easy win over Cena in battle of wrestling-adjacent Super Bowl commercials

Their pro wrestling rivalry was pretty one-sided... John Cena made Batista tap at WrestleMania 26 then won Last Man Standing and I Quit match follow-ups before Dave Bautista left WWE is 2010.

But there’s an argument to be made that The Animal is winning their post-full-time WWE Superstar careers. Both men have established themselves in Hollywood and will remain part of the pop culture consciousness even if they never wrestle again (Batista says his WrestleMania 35 loss to Triple H was the end; Cena vows to get back just as soon as he can). Right now, Dave has the lead at the box office by virtue of his role in the record-shattering Marvel Cinematic Universe. John should close ground there soon though, as he’s set to debut in both the Fast & Furious franchise and a DC superhero one this year.

While we wait for Jakob Toretto and Peacemaker to hit screens big & small to re-evaluate that front in the Cena/Batista war, we can judge another one. Both WWE Superstars had commercials that debuted during Super Bowl LX last night (Feb. 7), and I’m scoring this one a knockout for Big Dave.

He’s not the star of Rocket Mortgage’s spot - that would be Tracy Morgan - but he steals the show when his “pretty sure” gag makes a return appearance at the end of the ad:

Maybe it’s because we were already aware of what Cena would be doing for Mountain Dew. But while the 30 seconds do fit his weird personality to a T, and the million dollar giveaway gimmick is a good hook, this pales in comparison to the Hall of Famer handing his dog’s leash to Morgan so he can chase down his new neighbor...

I’m pretty sure I’m right. But maybe I’m just salty I didn’t win the major melon million.

Let me know in the comments below.

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