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John Morrison can’t catch a break

After roughly eight years away from WWE, John Morrison returned to the promotion on the first episode of SmackDown in 2020, just a little over a year ago. Things started off well enough for him, with a tag team championship run with The Miz that took them through WrestleMania 36. But ever since they dropped those tag titles later in April 2020, John Morrison has essentially been a jobber. A jobber who gets consistent TV time, but a jobber nonetheless.

According to the data at CageMatch, Morrison has wrestled in 28 matches since the start of May 2020, and he (or his team) has has only been on the winning end of three of these bouts. Those three wins have actually come somewhat recently. The first victory came in a 3-on-2 handicap match (along with AJ Styles & The Miz) against Drew McIntyre & Sheamus on Dec. 7. He and Miz also won a handicap match against Keith Lee on the Dec. 14 episode of Raw, and they prevailed in another handicap match against Sheamus on the Jan. 25 episode of Raw. Outside of that, it’s pretty much loss after loss for the Shaman of Sexy.

WWE programming is stacked with lots of talented wrestlers, and there naturally isn’t room at the top of the card for everyone. But in the case of John Morrison, there apparently isn’t even much room for him to get any kind of win unless he is in a handicap match.

Morrison still impresses me with his work in the ring when WWE puts him in singles matches, like the one he had against Matt Riddle on SmackDown last July, or the match he had last month on Raw with Sheamus. He can clearly still perform at a high level. Unfortunately for him, WWE doesn’t seem too interested in featuring his talents outside of a comedy sidekick jobber role next to The Miz.

What do you make of John Morrison’s first year back in WWE?

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