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Let’s talk about Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler’s new entrance music

The SmackDown Tag Team champions are Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler.

No, really, trust me on this. I looked it up.

The duo (who apparently aren’t going by the team name “Dirty Dawgs”? Even though they’re still wearing merch they debuted last month that says “Dirty Dawgs” and has canine versions of their faces on it) had a match against Chad Gable & Otis on the Feb. 5 SmackDown. They won, Street Profits provided watch-along commentary to further their feud with the champs... pretty standard stuff.

It was what happened before that interests us. Roode & Ziggler came out to new music. It incorporates elements of both their old themes, while at the same time being something new.

It’s... fine, I think? Pretty generic RAWK, but so was Ziggler’s long-time “Here To Show The World”. Losing Roode’s prog rock-ish “Glorious Domination” is a shame, but the fun NXT run that most associate with that tune feels like a lifetime ago, so dropping it is probably overdue.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I like whatever this is called. It’s more instantly forgettable, so I can’t even muster a strong dislike for it. I am, however, in favor of WWE doing things to make their tag teams feel like more than random collections of singles wrestlers.

Give us more things that give teams a joint identity, like Gable & Otis being Alpha Academy. Heck, call DZ & BR “Dirty Dawgs”! It’s dumb, but they’re heels, and it’s the kind of dumb we can hate on.

So I’m giving Bobby & Dolph’s new song a thumbs up. You?

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