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WWE signs guy that looks like Brock Lesnar, Riddle already angling for match

Nope, this isn’t a Kayfabe News headline.

For background, there’s a lot of buzz around former University of Central Florida football player Parker Boudreaux. He looks A LOT like Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman gassed him up, we heard he was backstage at an NXT taping, then he showed up on Instagram with Eva Marie. Now, shortly after it was confirmed he’s not on the UCF roster for 2021, Wrestling Observer reports the 6’4”, 315 pound lineman has signed with WWE.

Exciting stuff! We don’t know a start date, or if he’s dropping out of college completely to pursue a wrestling career. But we do know someone who’s excited.

Matt Riddle has been talking about wanting a match with Lesnar since before he signed with WWE. He evidently never cleared that talk with Brock, though, and backstage at last year’s Royal Rumble the Beast Incarnate told Riddle to cut it the **** out.

The Bro has mostly done that, instead choosing to continue focusing on his old pal Goldberg. But Parker represents a possible work-around on the Lesnar problem, so...

Boudreaux vs. Riddle at WrestleMania 40?

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