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It sounds like Kalisto is setting up a feud with Rey Mysterio

We haven’t seen or heard much from Kalisto of late, and the last time he was doing anything on television was a breakup with Lucha House Party. Since returning to the singles division, he’s been sitting on the sidelines.

That appears to be coming to an end, as this impassioned promo on his Twitter suggests he’s kicking up a feud with Rey Mysterio over his status as the greatest luchador of all time:

“… You have the audacity to comment on my pictures and say that Rey is the greatest of all time. You are all brainwashed. See, the difference between Rey and I is opportunity. Hey, Dominik! I’m sure you’re used to all that, right? Opportunity in the Royal Rumble… that could have been me. I could have won that Royal Rumble. I could have beaten every single Superstar in that ring and you didn’t. You’re weak. Rey, you have a weak son. He needs a lot to learn. I know what to do, and I know my motivation. So, Rey, it’s time for you to step aside and let the GLOAT take over. I am done sitting on the sidelines.”

GLOAT, of course, stands for Greatest Luchador of All Time. WWE retweeted the above promo, so it seems likely this isn’t just a social media attention grab in the hopes of it becoming something more.

Follow along with SmackDown this week right here to see what, if anything, comes of this.

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