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Bianca Belair’s parents reacting to her Rumble win is the best thing

Five days later, it’s still awesome that Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble.

It will probably still be awesome that Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble five years after the fact. The EST is immensely talented, and despite connecting with fans from the moment she wowed us in the first Mae Young Classic, WWE hasn’t booked her to win a title in NXT or on the main roster.

So Sunday’s was hopefully the first major accolade in a lengthy career full of them. It’s awesome, even before we mention she’s the first Black woman and only the second Black wrestler to win a Rumble.

Another reason why it’s cool is because the WWE locker room celebrated her victory as much as the fans. We got tweets like these...

...and heard an ovation backstage as she shared the moment with husband Montez Ford:

Better than all that, though? Have you seen this clip of her parents Travonda & Leonard Blair reacting to her win?

My man Leonard starts by falling over the back of his recliner, then play passes out at the end. What a legend.

The proud parents also got some local news coverage, too!

“Yeah, it got a little bit wild,” Leonard says before Travonda tells the channel 6 reporters in Knoxville that her husband jumped on the coffee table.

That ain’t no problem, Papa Blair. If Bianca’s career keeps going the way it should, she’ll be able to buy you lots of coffee tables.

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