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Meiko Satomura debuts on NXT UK next week

Last week, reports of WWE adding legendary Japanese wrestler Meiko Satomura to their deep roster of talent were finally confirmed.

The co-founder of Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling is joining NXT UK as a wrestler and coach, and they’re not wasting anytime booking Satomura’s first WWE match since facing Toni Storm in the semifinals of the 2018 Mae Young Classic.

It’s not covered in that hype video from the Feb. 4 episode, but it’s clear Satomura is on a collision course with NXT UK Women’s champion Kay Lee Ray. The Scot’s cleared out the division during her (pandemic-shutdown assisted) 524+ day reign, and called for the brand to bring in the best in the world to face her.

Sounds like a good spot for someone whose nickname is “The Final Boss”, no?

Meiko will likely kick the crap out of an enhancement talent or mid-carder when she appears on the Feb. 11 NXT UK.

How long will Ray wait before she addresses the biggest threat to her title in a long time?

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