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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Feb. 5, 2021): Royal Rumble fallout

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 5, 2021) with a show from the ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This is the fallout show after Royal Rumble 2021, where WWE is teasing that we might find out more about who Bianca Belair and Edge will select as their opponents at WrestleMania 37.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FOX. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


The introduction to his heartache began as a child, so it’s no wonder that he grew up to be so wild. So he protected his feelings in walls he imagined, but castles crumble, exposing the frightened child. Me, I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a memorial graphic for the late, great “Hacksaw” Butch Reed.

Thence we go into a recap of the Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns makes his entrance, flanked by Jey Uso and Paul Heyman as usual.

He talks about winning on Sunday briefly before moving on to talk about the future. Apparently the future is Edge? He talks about how winning the Royal Rumble is a first class ticket to the main event of WrestleMania, and he’s the main event around here. Which brings him to the two issues he has— one, why in the hell are you gonna visit Raw or NXT when you know SmackDown is Roman’s show?

His second issue is, why the hell is he out here first? Where the hell is Edge? You make the mistake of disrespecting him all week long, he’s a nice guy, he’ll let that slide, but you’re gonna make him wait? He confers with Paul briefly before coming to the conclusion that Edge isn’t here, and therefore Edge must think he’s a fool. He’s not a man who wants to wait or play games.

He shouts suddenly, asking Edge why he’d play games with him. The last guy that played games was Kevin Owens, and he’s not here anymore because he whooped his ass and you’ll never see him again. He tells Edge this is his only chance so he better listen and understand— he wants a decision by the end of the night.

Commentary hypes up the rest of the show, up to and including an appearance from noted racist Hulk Hogan.

Dominik Mysterio makes his entrance, accompanied by his father.

King Baron Corbin attacks! He lays Dominik out and then throws Rey off the stage and into some equipment! He runs over and kicks the younger Mysterio to send us to break.

King Baron Corbin vs. Dominik Mysterio

Corbin charging in, knocking Mysterio to the floor, slingshot, Dom with a roll-through into a superkick, only one! Pick the leg, drag Mysterio to his feet for a spinebuster into mounted punches! Overhead elbows, into a standing half nelson chinlock, jawing at him while continuing to punch away. Dominik gets him to the floor, drops him with a plancha and Rey starts limping back to ringside to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Mysterio floats over a chokeslam, folding press for two, drop toehold gets Corbin in the ropes, but he recovers and hits the Deep Six! Dom with a Frankensteiner that sends Baron to the floor, suicide dive, Rey crawls under the ropes and trips Corbin up! Mysterio brings him in, off the top...

Dominik Mysterio wins by pinfall with a frog splash.

Commentary promises us that Edge will be in the house tonight.

Big E is interviewed backstage.

He talks about being champion and asks for your poor, bearded, and bald because tonight he’s gonna fight and they ain’t ready.

Daniel Bryan makes his entrance and we go to break.

Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

Trading uppercuts out the gates, Bryan with a drop toehold, Penalty Kick to the arm! Shoulder armbreaker, whip reversed, front kick, back body drop over the ropes and to the floor! Dan off the top with a plancha, back inside, missile dropkick, another shoulder armbreaker, Cesaro reverses, back suplex, Bryan lands on his feet, Swiss Death attempt caught, reversed into a backslide... SO CLOSE!

Armbar takedown, Cesaro bleeding from the side of his head pretty bad, the American Dragon rolls him through into the LeBell Lock but the Swiss Superman pries his grip apart and goes after him! Springboard corkscrew uppercut, no good, buzzsaw roundhouse... NOPE! Wrists clutched... YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR [REDACTED] HEAD KICKED IN! Bryan lying in wait, Cesaro catches him, wrenching in the Argentine backbreaker rack!

He drops him into a backbreaker and follows it up with the Giant Swing! Step through, Sharpshooter applied...

Cesaro wins by submission with the Sharpshooter.

Post-match, Cesaro offers a fist bump and Bryan accepts it!

We get a recap of the women’s Royal Rumble.

Bianca Belair is interviewed backstage.

Footage of her parents celebrating her Royal Rumble win is played, featuring her dad jumping up on the damn coffee table and falling over the couch in his excitement. She talks about wanting to make them proud and says that her choice of which champion to fight is the biggest decision of her life and she’ll be ready to make it soon.

Bayley makes her entrance to send us to break.

Bayley vs. Ruby Riott

Billie Kay is on commentary for this one.

Collar and elbow, Bayley in control, but Riott gets a wristlock, Riott Kick... SO CLOSE! Ruby drags her around but Bayley throws her into the turnbuckles, catches the corner headscissors... AND LAWN DARTS HER! Cover gets two, kneeling armbar to follow, this time Riott gets the headscissors into the corner! Ruby follows it up with an arm drag off the top, Bayley-to-Belly blocked!

Back and forth, Riott on the apron, Bayley slides under her and hits the Stunner over the middle rope! Back inside, armbar takedown, London Dungeon applied, Billie Kay runs to help and Liv Morgan stops her as Ruby gets out of the hold! Another Riott Kick attempt, Bayley reverses...

Bayley wins by pinfall with her Bus Driver.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Bianca Belair makes her entrance.

She gets on the mic and says her whole life changed overnight when she won the Royal Rumble. She’s been doing press non-stop, her phone’s been blowing up, but choosing an opponent for WrestleMania is the biggest decision of her career. Asuka isn’t just the Empress of Tomorrow, she’s Empress of All Day, Every Day. And then you got her girl here on SmackDown, Sasha Banks.

She’s a grand slam champion, whooping bounty hunters in Star Wars, and she’s been excited to team with her. But if she wants to put the EST in WrestleMania, she has to do it her way.

Reginald the Sommelier interrupts.

He offers a little advice for her. He could totally understand picking Asuka, and he knows that Bianca could beat her, but if she says Sasha Banks, well... she knows damn well she can’t beat Sasha. She can’t even beat Carmella! And if...

Enter Carmella.

She says Reginald is wise even when he gets over-excited, but she doesn’t want to forget about the fact that she beat Banks in her first match against her, and that means she beat her twice. Despite all of Belair’s hype, she’s certain she can do the same thing to her.

Enter Sasha Banks.

She tells Carmella that she’s not looking in her rear view, she’s focusing on what’s ahead of her, and Bianca has her attention. She’s seen her setting records, and she lasted nearly an hour on Sunday in order to stake her claim to main event WrestleMania. She knows she’s the strongEST and the fastEST, but the bEST? She doesn’t think so.

If Belair’s going to choose her, get it done, because she’s got it all but she doesn’t have the title.

Reginald butts in and tells Bianca she got lucky with the Rumble, and if she challenges Sasha, she’ll lose. BELAIR SPANKS HIM WITH HER PONYTAIL AS A WHIP AND SENDS HIM RUNNING!

We see Roman Reigns backstage quietly chatting with Jey Uso when Paul Heyman rolls up to confirm to the Big Dog that Edge is finally in the building, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage.

He complains about being robbed of the Intercontinental Championship, among the other injustices visited upon him. But tonight he regains his title and his status as champion of the people.

Alpha Academy get an inset promo where they talk about their training regimen.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic) vs. Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Zigger & Robert Roode)

Street Profits provide inset commentary through the entire match.

Gable and Ziggler to start, a little bit of mat grappling, a bit of skulduggery gets Dolph a nearfall and Roode a tag. Working Chad over, straight suplex, reverse chinlock, Gable gets away and tags Dozer in! Freight training both Dawgs, calling for it, Caterpillar to Robert! Chad tags in, Ziggler runs interference, Chaos Theory takes him out but Roode capitalizes...

Dirty Dawgs win by pinfall with the Glorious DDT from Robert Roode on Chad Gable.

Commentary informs us that noted racist Hulk Hogan will be here, after the break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of noted racist Hulk Hogan losing to Andre the Giant on The Main Event, 33 years ago.

Noted racist Hulk Hogan sends a promo in, with “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart at his side, and he reminds us that he and Edge were tag partners and he expects Edge to beat whoever he picks to challenge at WrestleMania.

Apollo Crews makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see Edge and Shinsuke Nakamura chatting backstage.

Apollo Crews vs. Big E (c) vs. Sami Zayn (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Zayn bails, Crews and E get into it, side headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, Big lands a back elbow and Sami returns! Punches and chops, whip reversed, back body drop, Zayn rolls to the apron and Apollo comes back in with a headbutt! German suplex, hanging in there, rolling into another one and then into a third! Cover for two, Zayn cuts him off and goes to town on Crews!

Apollo stacks ‘em up, corner body avalanches, E fires up, corner lariats, Crews with a solebutt but Big passes him to the floor, off the ropes, Sami trips him up and pulls him to the floor to brawl with him! Crews dives, Zayn lays him out, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Zayn choking E over the ropes, he blasts Crews off the apron, drop toehold to Big puts him into the turnbuckles! Apollo and E into it, sidestep the boot, the trifecta of belly-to-bellies connect and the champ is rolling! Hip swivel, Sami from behind with a sleeper, Big slams him next to Crews, off the ropes... BIG SPLASH ON BOTH GUYS!

Apollo staggers E with an enzuigiri, charging in, back body drop dumps him over the ropes and to the floor! Big Rock Bottom to Zayn... NOPE! Crews takes Sami out, off the top with a diving splash... ZAYN KICKS OUT! Charging in, Sami gets an elbow up, Apollo gets him for an exploder, E comes from behind and German suplexes Crews, sending both men flying!

Zayn cuts Big off with a knee and lines him up... HELLUVA KICK CONNECTS BUT CREWS PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING TO BREAK IT UP! Sami and Apollo jawing on the floor, Crews gets a handful of hair and hammers him with repeated punches! Military press... HE SLAMS SAMI OVER THE BARRICADE AND INTO THE TIMEKEEPER’S AREA! Apollo heads back to the ring but E is ready for him...

Big E wins by pinfall with the Big Ending on Apollo Crews to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

We see Edge walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get some hype for tomorrow morning’s episode of Talking Smack.

We get a hype reel for Seth Rollins’ return.

Edge makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He talks about grinding through rehab and dreaming of coming back home, of winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing WrestleMania, taking back something that he never lost. But what title does he choose? It’s an embarrassment of riches, between Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, and Roman Reigns. He asks his family and friends and he gets different answers, but at the end of the day—

Enter Roman Reigns, flanked by Jey Uso and Paul Heyman as usual.

They get in the ring with Edge, who points out he brought backup and asks if he’s already sweating him. Reigns gets on the mic and says, man-to-man, he gives him his word, without his blessing, Paul will not make a move on him. Furthermore, he sends Uso to the bus and tells Edge that’s his one pass. Disrespect him, you disrespect his family, and he demands he acknowledge him as the main event of WrestleMania and as the champion of choice.


Edge leaves the ring without making a choice!

That’s the show, folks.

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