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Steve Cutler reportedly had heat with Vince McMahon over COVID

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Earlier tonight, WWE announced the release of Steve Cutler. The timing of the decision was curious considering that he just returned to SmackDown in December with a brand new gimmick as one of King Corbin’s henchmen. Then again, he’s been off television throughout January, so it did seem like something was up.

There was a story going around in December about Vince McMahon sending Keith Lee and Otis to the Performance Center for extra training with other big guys to refine their work. According to Fightful, Cutler was in the Performance Center bumping for the class of big men, and he made a very positive impression on everyone there.

But the report goes on to explain that Cutler had to be taken off television in January after testing positive for COVID-19, and that resulted in him getting heat directly from Vince McMahon. There is a backstage belief that this is what led to his release, but the door is open for him to return at some point.

Deonna Purrazzo has since tweeted that she and Cutler did test positive for COVID early in January, but they are both healthy now.

The idea that a positive COVID test for a minor player on television led to heat with McMahon and an eventual release sounds rather extreme and unfair, so there must be more to the story here. For what it’s worth, Cutler responded to WWE’s decision by stating that it shocked him.

Let us know in the comments below what you make of this situation surrounding Cutler’s release from WWE.