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WWE NXT results, live blog (Feb. 3, 2021): Edge!

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: The winner of the men’s Royal Rumble stops by, cause why not! Plus, the Dusty Classics continue as the men’s tournament wraps up quarterfinal action with Undisputed ERA’s Adam Cole & Roderick Strong facing Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa, and Lucha House Party battling Legado Del Fantasma. The women’s semi-finals begin with Dakota Kai & Raquel González against Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro! Also, Santos Escobar defends his Cruiserweight title against Curt Stallion, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Last week recap and tonight’s line-up, then we see Dakota Kai & Raquel González walking to the ring. Kai says last week was easy. González says next stop is TakeOver. Vic Joseph confirms the finals will happen at Vengeance Day.

Their opponents get an in-set promo vowing to continue their Cinderella story by winning tonight, and winning the cup on Feb. 14.

Dakota Kai & Raquel González vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Dakota & Kacy start. Kai is cocky, but she’s quickly brought down to earth by Catanzaro’s quickness. Carter tags in for a tandem move, but a tag to Raquel spells trouble for Kayden. After a couple power moves, Carter evades, we get all four women staring each other down in the ring, then a chase outside it lets Kayden get in some offense. A follow-up splash from Kacy is caught and she gets driven across González’s knee. The heels work over the American Ninja Warrior legend.

Kacy lands on Carter’s back on the apron to start her escape, but the second part of the move falls apart. Kai sells it anyway and Kayden is in hot, ending a flurry with a scissor kick that gets two on the big Texan. Interference from Kai slows her roll, and we go picture-in-picture with González booting her into the announce desk. Carter evades a couple kicks and lands one of her own to get the tag. Kacy runs wild, culminating with a leap onto the scaffolding by the desk. She climbs and crossbodys both heels! She brings Kai in for a cover.

Both women tag, and González drops Kayden into a Pele kick from Kai, but Kacy breaks up the pin. Catanzaro helps low bridge Raquel, a kick there rocks her. Kacy nails her top rope finisher, but Dakota (barely) breaks it up. Kai then takes out Carter on the floor by whipping her into the steps, and González ends it with a chokeslam on Kacy.

Dakota Kai & Raquel González def. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro via pinfall to advance to the final of the Women’s Dusty Classic

Joseph and Beth Phoenix give Wade Barrett a picture of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and an apple pie in honor of his citizenship.

Alyse Zwick interviews Toni Storm about her title match at TakeOver. She says Io Shirai has been untouchable... for everyone but her. Last week was a preview, and deadweight Mercedes Martinez isn’t going to stop her. That’s going to be on full display tonight.

We see Johnny Gargano giving Austin Theory a pep talk on the way to the ring. Theory seems to be lost, but Johnny helps him out. Austin is in action after a break.

First we see Edge talking to General Manager William Regal backstage.

Austin Theory vs. Leon Ruff

Speed vs. power, and Ruff gets a cover after landing on his feet on a fallaway slam and answering with a drop kick. Drop toe hold from Theory sends the former North American champ into the turnbuckle, snap suplex, and the beatdown is on. Ruff stacks him up to start a comeback. He takes out Gargano when he jumps on the apron and hits a missile dropkick, but when Johnny moves to get involved again, it allows Theory to recover. They collide, and Ruff ends up outside with Gargano.

Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell run out to check Johnny, and their Dusty Classic semifinal opponents are out to attack them. Ruff feigns being punched by Gargano to get him thrown out, and Leon follows up with a cutter off the top for one, two... no! Theory with his foot on the ropes. He rallies, sends Ruff into the desk outside, then lands A-T-L.

Austin Theory def. Leon Ruff via pinfall

Theory returns for another post-bell A-T-L, then goes and gets the ring bell to use it against Ruff. But Dexter Lumis is there! He tries for Silence, Theory escapes, but we see Lumis ripped out a lock of Austin’s hair!

Santos Escobar gets a video talking about how he and his Legado Del Fantasma boys will win tonight. This is their empire, and it’s only going to keep growing. For Curt Stallion and Lucha House Party, the end is near.

After a break, we get the origin story of Tian Sha. An honorable king once had a son and a younger daughter. The son was corrupted by greed and killed the father. The daughter, Mai Ying fled into exile. She asked a dragon to teach her how to get vengeance, which he agreed in return for her soul. He taught her four things, the last of which to reclaim her throne. Once she had, she realized she’d have to become what she feared and instill fear in others.

Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)

Mendoza starts with Metalik and the tecnicó controls the action and brings his partner in for a headscissor takedown. It’s not long before Dorado is in the wrong corner, however. He’s worked over for a few minutes, but Lince gets free with an upkick and he lands one springboard maneuver before Mendoza sends him crashing to the floor. Tag to Wilde who launches him into the barricade with a dive, and we go to commercial.

Mendoza and Metalik battling on the top turnbuckle when we return, and the veteran counters with a sunset flip powerbomb. Both men down, both make tags. Drop kick and strikes from Dorado, crossbody off the top gets two. Wilde jaw jacks him, but Golden Rewind connects and gets two. Metalik in for something we don’t see due to the replay, but Mendoza breaks up the cover. Nifty springboard double DDT from the LDF member, but Lince kicks out at two. Wilde stalks him but gets dumped over the top rope. Dorado fights Mendoza there and leaves him for a springboard rana onto Wilde! Dorado with a moonsault from the top onto Mendoza!

Rana in the ring gets Dorado two on Wilde. Blind tag, Lince is held up for a shining wizard STO combo and that’s it.

Legado Del Fantasma def. Lucha House Party via pinfall to advance to the Dusty Classic semifinals against MSK

Here comes Wes Lee and Nash Carter to congratulate them, but next week they’re the next roadblock on MSK’s meteoric rise to the top of the NXT Tag division.

Pete Dunne and the Tag champs arrive in their SUV. They’re headed to find Finn Bálor as we head to commercial.

First we see Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa warming up for the last Dusty Classic quarterfinal. Then Dunne hits the ring with Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch.

The Bruiserweight says he told Bálor to his face that he’s not waiting any more, but he didn’t listen. So last week he reminded him again, and snapped his fingers. Don’t ask him to make it any more clear than that. That triggers Finn’s music.

The champ says Pete says he’s done waiting, but it looks to him like he’s still hiding behind them two clowns. They debate this point for a second, and Dunne sends the Brawlers out of the ring. Bálor steps in, and the Brit says he’s getting the belt the first chance he gets. Finn says he’s got it at TakeOver... and here comes Edge!

The Royal Rumble winner has a mic, and tells the men in the ring this is good. WWE often focuses on the E, but in NXT the focus is on the second W. When he watches the show as a fan, he sees passion. That passion inspired him to get his career back and win the Royal Rumble. He puts over both guys as the best in the business now, and says he’ll be watching their match at TakeOver, because he’s never held that (and points to the belt on Finn’s shoulder). And depending on the fight he sees at Vengeance Day, and if he hasn’t made his decision yet, the idea of going after that belt may be very intriguing.

Backstage, Zwick is talking to Johnny Gargano, who hopes she’s the Howard Cosell to his Muhammad Ali. She does well with the first two questions (they let him put over his group and make “The Way” puns), but when she informs him he has to defend the North American title against Kushida at TakeOver, he freaks. He storms off to get Regal to fire her as we get some ads.

When Johnny gets to Regal’s office, Kushida answers the door. He tells Gargano he needs an appointment. The champ goes to leave, but then attacks! They brawl into a conference rool where the GM and a few producers finally separate them.

Jessi Kamea is in the ring with Aliyah and Robert Stone. It’s Toni Time!

Jessi Kamea vs. Toni Storm

Kamea actually gets in some offense, but it’s not long before Mercedes Martinez strolls into the ring and goes right at Toni. Jessi tries to get involved but Stone won’t let her. Io Shirai rolls in and watches them beat each other up for a second, then hits a moonsault off the top onto both of them.

Jessi Kamea vs. Toni Storm ends in a no contest (I guess)

Curt Stallion gets a pre-tape promo to remind/inform us that he won the #1 contender spot in a Fatal 5Way on the 205th episode of 205 Live. Escobar’s been ditching him since, but he’s got him cornered now. This is the biggest opportunity of his life and he’s going to make the most of it.

Cameron Grimes is back next week!

Curt Stallion vs. Santos Escobar

After the championship intros from Alicia Taylor, they lock up. It’s not long before the champ powers Stallion down. Escobar with the disrespectful offense, chopping down the challenger and checking his “watch”. Meanwhile, we see Scarlett decked out in red on a smoke shrouded platform behind the announcers.

Santos sees Karrion Kross’ lady, then delivers double knees in the corner. A suplex gets two as the champ smiles at Scarlett. A Stallion comeback is short lived as Escobar answers with a backbreaker, but when Curt clotheslines him to the floor, he looks rattled. WIlde & Mendoza check on him as we go to break.

The champ is in control on the outside when we return. He’s trash talking Stallion, then boots him in the mush and rolls him in for a cover. We see that Santos slammed his opponent on the steel steps during the commercials. Small package neckbreaker off the top gets two. Deep single leg crab, transitions into a crossface, then into a modified surfboard as we see Scarlett looking on.

Another Stallion rally is short-lived, but a third starts by evading a charge. German suplex, forearms and a dive and Escobar is reeling! Back in the ring, top rope splash gets two. Another cover, but the champ kicks out again. Curt looks for a DDT after stomping Escobar’s toes, but gets thrown back first into the turnbuckles. Headbutt from Stallion. Drop kick from the champ. Phantom Driver! Legado!

Santos Escobar def. Curt Stallion via pinfall to retain his Cruiserweight title

Karrion Kross walks down the ramp after the match. Wilde and Mendoza charge him and are quickly wiped out. Escobar just stands in the ring and watches, never flinching when Kross steps in the ring. Karrion says they have an ever growing problem, but he’s going to give Santos the gift of time... time to think about the inevitable. The Cruiserweight champ is unfazed, but gets pissed when Kross tells him to run along. Scarlett joins her man in the ring when he leaves.

We see Undisputed ERA heading to the ring. After a break, we see Kross confront Edge in the parking lot. He tells him to consider his Rumble pick carefully, because in the end it won’t be Finn or Pete with the title. It will be him holding the belt he never lost. Edge says those words sound threatening, and the thing about threats is they can be motivating. They just might motivate him to come back, and he’s not sure Kross would like that.

Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole & Roderick Strong) vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

The former NXT champs start off. Ciampa with the early takedown, then they trade holds and covers. Each man looks for their finisher and signature spots, but they know each other too well and avoid the big blows. Each man nods in respect and back into their corners for a tag.

Strong and Thatcher battle for arm control. Timothy gets a head scissor, punches Roddy in the ribs and grabs an arm of his own. On their feet, they trade uppercuts and chops. A dropkick puts Thatcher in the wrong corner. Quick tags, but Thatcher with a front facelock gets him to his corner. A strike rocks Strong as Ciampa comes in, and now the Undisputed member is trapped in the wrong corner. Body slam and drop elbow from Thatcher gets two. He stomps Roddy down in the corner then tags in his partner so he can do the same. The Blackheart goes to taunt Cole which allows Strong to get free. Everyone in the ring and swinging as we go PiP for the last time.

Ciampa in control after stopping a Strong rally by dropping him onto the ringpost so he can pat himself on the back. Roddy won’t stay down despite a further beating. Thatcher in for a knee to the rib cage, then goes for the arm but Strong blocks. Guillotine, but Strong falls into the ropes for a break. Thatcher does for a second, but then locks it back in from the top turnbuckle for most of the five count. Roddy recovers and they brawl to the the top... Superplex! Both men down, and both get tags. Cole is the house afire. Pump kicks Thatcher off the apron, backstabber to Ciampa gets two. Standing switch, kick from Cole and a neckbreaker, one, two, NO!

Panama Sunrise blocked, then Ciampa gets a tag. Cole locks in the Figure Four. Ciampa tries to the break-up but Strong runs in and tries to put him in Stronghold. Fighting free allows him to crash into Cole and break the hold. Thatcher sends Strong crashing into Cole! Big slap, German and tag to Ciampa. Another German, and he tags in Ciampa. Release German as his partner comes in for a high knee for a great nearfall! Roddy tries to fight out of a Fairy Tale Ending and does for an Angle Slam! Cole in, Superkick to Thatcher on the apron, Superkick/high knee combo from the ERA but Ciampa kicks out! Strong with a backbreaker but Thatcher grabs Cole’s leg to stop a Last Shot. They brawl outside, Strong runs in and drops Thatcher on the barricade. When Roddy goes to reenter the ring, Willow’s Bell!

Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher def. Undisputed ERA via pinfall to advance to the semifinals of the Dusty Classic

The makeshift victors eye the Cup and fist bump on the stage, and here comes their next opponents! Thatcher & Ciampa have to be separated from Grizzled Young Veterans as we fade to black.

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