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Ric Flair still wants to get back in the ring for WWE


During a chat with Busted Open Radio recently, Ric Flair made clear he had ideas for getting back in the ring during his work alongside Lacey Evans on television but WWE would simply not go for it.

As he told it (via Wrestling Observer):

“I did have some ideas. My problem was, they won’t let me get in the ring because it’s so hard to get me cleared because of my health issues, even though I have been cleared by my doctors. I just don’t think they’re prepared to let me get in the ring in case something happened. I could have 40 releases, but, it would be that, why the hell are you doing that? Why the hell are you letting him do that? I actually wanted to put sweat clothes on and work out with her, which I thought would have been great and teach her some things and actually have her emulate my character, doing the flips, suplex in, turn around, begging off. I had it all written down, but they wouldn’t let me get in the ring. I had the master plan. It would have been fun. It never came to fruition and I’m happy that things worked out like they did, especially for her because I think she was upset, a little bit, but then she said, ‘Hey, I’m having a baby. This is what’s supposed to happen. I’m young. I have a beautiful daughter and now I’ve got a second one on the way.’ Everybody wants to be on TV, but, in this case, if she’s not going to be on TV for a while, it’s for a very wonderful reason that we’re all aware of.”

This is one time we should commend WWE and its decision makers for holding firm on not letting Flair, who is 72-years-old and has had a number of health issues in recent years, get back in the ring in any capacity beyond a speaking role.

Of course, this would all seem to be a moot point now that Evans is pregnant and will be off television for the next year. The backstage segment between Ric and Charlotte on Monday Night Raw just after seemed to indicate he’ll be back off TV now.

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