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Yeah, Lashley is definitely looking past Miz

You don’t need the rumor mill to know The Miz’s second WWE championship reign is already on the endangered species list.

Whether he drops the belt to Bobby Lashley when they square off this upcoming Monday night on Raw, it happens at Fastlane on Mar. 21, or somewhere in between... it would be a shock if The A-Lister is wearing the belt when he walks into Raymond James Stadium for WrestleMania 37.

Listening to this interview Lashley gave to Inside The Ropes, you can tell he expects to be the guy who takes the title from Miz. As he often does, The All Mighty talks about his dream match with Brock Lesnar. He figures he needs to go through Drew McIntyre to earn the Lesnar bout.

And oh yeah, he’ll obliterate Miz somewhere in there too...

“As far as Brock, Brock is one person but how I look at it is Drew beat Brock in, like, no time. So, of course, my sights were set on Brock for some time but, like I said, Drew is the man, Drew is the one that beat him, Drew beat Goldberg.”

Of course Brock is that kind of mystery match, dream match that everybody has wanted us to have for some time now but right now, I’m looking to be the best and right now the best is Drew. Drew is the top guy. If I beat Miz, or when I beat Miz, I think Drew is the guy.”

Asked if he’s disrespecting the current champ, The Hurt Business CEO didn’t mince words:

“Absolutely... of course he [Miz] is probably a little upset, but you’ve got to beat the man to be the man - that’s what everybody always says, that famous quote by Ric Flair, “To be the man you’ve got to beat the man” - and Drew’s the man. I mean, I helped Miz beat Drew, but outside of that, Drew’s been the man. I think all the focus should be on Drew.”

Is this confidence going to be Lashley’s undoing? Or is he going to steamroll over Miz on Monday, beat McIntyre at Fastlane, and get Lesnar to come back for the weekend of April 10 - 11?

We’ll start to get our answers in a couple of days.

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