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Io Shirai (and her WWE NXT title) send a message to Stardom

There have been a few rounds of rumors about WWE refusing to allow Kairi Sane to appear on Stardom’s upcoming 10th Anniversary show, All Star Dream Cinderella. The latest, from last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, specified Stardom offered two options - the Mae Young Classic winner could work a singles match, or take part in a battle royal with other joshi legends. The ‘E allegedly rejected both pitches.

Perhaps this is what they offered instead?

Like Kairi, Io Shirai was synonymous with Stardom prior to signing with WWE. This video isn’t the same as having Sane, Shirai, or Asuka return to the company for an appearance. But it’s featured prominently on all of their online channels, and is a heck of a promotion for All Star Dream Cinderella.

And hey, maybe the rumors were wrong and the Pirate Princess will sail into Nippon Budokan next Wednesday (Mar. 3)? Probably not, especially since Sane is serving as WWE’s ambassador to Japan, a role which could include opening a Performance Center and possibly even establishing a regional NXT brand that would compete with Bushiroad-owned Stardom.

But Forbidden Doors are being opened elsewhere, so dare to (All Star) dream (Cinderella).

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