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Apollo Crews returns to his cultural & indie roots for heel turn

Apollo Crews’ Twitter

Intercontinental champion Big E did not appear on the Feb. 26 episode of WWE SmackDown. He was presumably still convalescing at home.

The man who injured E’s brachial plexus was on the show, though. And a week after making his heel turn crystal clear by using the ring steps to mess up E’s arm nerves, Apollo Crews revealed his new character.

Gone is the smiling, chipper guy who rebuffed MVP’s offers to get into The Hurt Business. In his place is the arrogance of “a REAL African-American”, the descendent of Nigerian royalty who like the colors of that country’s flag represents wealth, dominance, and power. It’s a gimmick that reminds long-time fans of his indie days when he wrestled as Uhaa Nation, and spent some time in Dragon Gate heel stables like Blood WARRIORS.

In the match with Shinsuke Nakamura that followed his promo, Crews used the green & white scarf to get leverage to counter a suplex attempt from Nak. After pulling his opponent into the turnbuckles head first, he won the match with an Angle Slam.

Nice to see the talented 33 year old getting more screen time, and he seems more comfortable promo-ing as this version of his character.

What do you make of the new Apollo (the old Uhaa)?