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Former champ to appear on show with title fight

WWE’s YouTube

After spending last Sunday (Feb. 21) successfully defending his WWE championship in an Elimination Chamber match, getting jumped by Bobby Lashley, and losing his title to The Miz via Money in the Bank cash-in, Drew McIntyre took last week’s Raw off.

It gave Miz and Lashley the stage to further their story, with the All Mighty demanding what the new champ promised him in exchange for his help at Elimination Chamber - a title shot.

That match is set for the next episode of Raw on Mon., Mar. 1. WWE’s announced McIntyre will be around for it.

Drew has beef with both Miz & Lashley. Is he more focused on revenge, or getting his belt back? If it’s the former, we could see him crash the main event. If it’s the latter, he might just wait to confront the winner.

And where does Sheamus - who made it clear he still wants a singles match against McIntyre - fit in?

Guess we’ll have to tune in Monday night to find out. Or if you don’t want to do that, we here at Cageside Seats have to, so you can also just check the site for answers.

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