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That may have been the best Cesaro Swing ever

This was fun:

I don’t know if it’s the way Rollins is dressed, his pointing while pleading before Cesaro gets started, the way he flails his arms up and down, his attempt at telling Cesaro to stop after the first go round, that hilarious sound he makes when Cesaro starts up again, the way the mic goes flying, the sound it makes when it hits, his jacket flailing around as he rotates, the way it gets stuck on his wrist and finally flicks all the way to the second rope and hangs there, his frantic arm waving just after, his final acceptance of this awful circumstance and the way his entire body is laid out while being whipped around in such a frenzy — it’s all just so damn good.

Michael Cole called it “the greatest Swing ever” and, for once, Michael Cole very well may be right.

How about that?

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