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Santos Escobar’s chess moves can’t put Karrion Kross in check

WWE NXT’s Twitter

NXT Cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar has spent the week since General Manager William Regal booked him in a No Disaqualification match with the undefeated Karrion Kross telling us he’s playing chess, not checkers.

Even with the threat of suspension and stripping him of his title, Escobar just smirked and talked more trash.

It looked like was going to be able to back it up. The former Hijo Del Fantasma lured Kross into a three-on-one assault when he locked himself in the cab of box truck. That delay allowed Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde to jump Kross, and Escobar to start targeting the former NXT champion’s recently rehabbed shoulder, and put some fear into Kross’ partner Scarlett.

But while Escobar was talking about board games, Kross was talking about fear. His fear of what he would do to “Mr. Santos” in a No DQ setting. That almost led to a con-chair-to on the steel steps. Mendoza saved his Legado Del Fantasma leader from that. But he couldn’t save him from being put through the announce table by a Saito Suplex.

Another Saito in the ring was followed by a forearm, and a three count.

Strategy put Kross on the ropes, but it didn’t translate into a win for Escobar. At least he still has the purple belt.

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