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Cameron Grimes is money as a hillbilly Ted DiBiase

Just like I didn’t know I needed Cameron Grimes as a Gamestop millionaire, I didn’t know I needed Grimes in a virtual feud with Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

But boy did I ever.

After watching a clip of the old bit where DiBiase offers a kid $500 to dribble a basketball 15 times then kicks it at 14, Grimes decided to pull the same trick on people around the Capital Wrestling Center for the Feb. 24 NXT.

Problem is, he didn’t watch all of the video, so he let the first mark finish dribbling.

Then, even after he watches the rest of the video, Cameron makes the mistake of challenging former WNBA player Anriel Howard. She did a crossover when Grimes tried to knock the ball away, and won $1000 in the process.

Finally, Grimey gets someone to play and just decks him before he can even start.

He then just throws a bunch of money in the air, but he’s rich, and it was never about the money anyway.

I don’t know where this is headed, but if it stays this entertaining, it’s going to... the... mooooon!

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