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Sheamus still wants that Drew McIntyre match

WWE spent months building up to a Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus singles match over the WWE championship, and then right when it looked like that was going to happen they went and changed it to an Elimination Chamber match. McIntyre won, of course, but then immediately lost the title to The Miz on a Money in the Bank contract cash-in.

Now, somehow, Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz is the WWE title program. McIntyre, for his part, wasn’t even on Monday Night Raw this week, the fallout show from the big pay-per-view.

As for Sheamus, well, he still wants that singles match, title or not:

“No, it wasn’t satisfying (beating Jeff Hardy) because there’s something missing and that’s my true WWE championship opportunity. Last night I broke Drew McIntyre, I had him beat. But of course the numbers game is against me, we’re in an Elimination Chamber match and AJ Styles takes the opportunity and takes me out of the match. Huh? What sort of politics is going on in this place, right? You promised something and it’s never delivered. Drew McIntyre, two weeks in a row I had you beat — the first time it was a sure fire thing, the second, well, it was going to be an obvious victory for me. You dodged a bullet but look what happened to you in the end. You could have avoided all this mess, this entire mess, if you’d just given me what I deserved. No, this isn’t satisfying, but it will be satisfying when I get Drew McIntyre 1-on-1 because that’s been brewing for 20 years.”

It seems unlikely WWE actually plans to have Miz feuding for the title going into WrestleMania, but we do still have Fastlane coming up on Mar. 21. That leaves plenty of time to sort all this out.

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