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Samoa Joe in no hurry to return to the ring

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Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has been on the sidelines for some time now, having missed most of 2020 due to concussion issues. We’re almost into the third month of 2021 and he’s still doing color commentary on Monday Night Raw.

So what gives?

As he tells Sportskeeda, it’s simply a case of WWE taking extra precaution with his health:

“As far as the timetable, no. But I just want to reassure people that you know this point, WWE medical is doing the best for my health and my well-being, and I’m appreciative of it, so we’re taking our time. We’re making sure that I’m as healthy as I can be. And we are... Yeah, I think that’s essentially it, you know, I’m not putting a timetable on it because the type of injury is not something that I want to rush, obviously, for obvious reasons. So, yeah, I mean, that’s essentially the update.

“I mean, and obviously, too, there’s been some holdups from a technical standpoint with the pandemic going on and availability of medical personnel, but for the most part, we’re taking a careful, measured approach, and though I don’t think my in-ring career is over by a long shot, I’m appreciative of the recovery time. And that my health is being respected at a premium.”

He’s said before that he’ll be back at some point, but it’s good to know neither he nor anyone at WWE is in a rush to bring him back if it means risking his health. Hell, he’s arguably the best commentator in the company right now, so he’s still being put to good use on television each week.