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Alexa Bliss, who may have Papa Shango powers, checks on her victim

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We still haven’t seen Bray Wyatt since The Fiend was “burned to death” at TLC last year. But his partner in supernatural mayhem Alexa Bliss continues to torment the man who lit the match, Randy Orton

Last night (Feb. 22) on Raw, while Orton was promo-ing about how Bliss is distracting him from his pursuit of the WWE title, Alexa summoned up some voodoo from her pentagram and made the Viper cough off the same goo she was drooling a few weeks ago.

It left the Raw announce team (who, yes, totally sees all this stuff and I’m a dummy who thought they might not) looking like this...


... and lots of people on Twitter making jokes about when Papa Shango cursed Ultimate Warrior in the early 90s and gave him curse cramps that made him spew all over the medical staff stretchering him out of the arena...

And Lil Mis Bliss? She’s just enjoying the chaos she’s causing...

Where is any of this going? You have to think The Fiend will be back soon. If this was actually a horror movie, I’d think Wyatt might emerge out of Randy or something. But it’s not, it’s PG WWE television. There’s a decent chance we’ll never get an explanation.

Your mileage on all this will vary. But at least we can all be thankful it gave us a chance to revisit The Godfather’s run as a practitioner of the dark arts.

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