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New finishing move names? New finishing move names!

They’re not quite as exciting as new WWE names, but I figure pro wrestling fans like to talk about pretty much any element of how pro wrestling is presented. I know I do.

So seeing as this is a place for wrestling fans to shoot the shiz, and WWE just gave us a night when not one but two moves get new names...

I think you can figure out where this is going.

First, Damian Priest’s roller cutter has been called “Reckoning” since he debuted in NXT. But now he’s on Raw, and Mia Yim is also playing a character named RECKONING (at least for now) in Mustafa Ali’s RETRIBUTION stable. This probably could have flown under the radar, but there’s a lot of attention on Priest due to his partnership with the mega-popular Bad Bunny. Thus, WWE’s rechristened the move “Hit The Lights”.

This actually fits better for Priest’s club king gimmick, anyway. Now if someone could just explain the whole archery thing...

AJ Styles buddy Omos is getting more and more involved in action (I guess those big guy classes at the Performance Center are paying off), and on Raw Talk, Styles named the move his pal wrecked Ricochet with earlier on Feb. 22...

WWE’s YouTube

Do you like that “JKCB” (jackknife choke bomb)? It sounds cool when AJ says it, but we don’t know enough about Omos to say whether it will fit him in the long run.

Oh well, WWE can always rename it later.

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