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Mia Yim returned to Raw, and WWE started teasing a RETRIBUTION break up again

Mia Yim announced she tested positive for COVID back on Jan. 30, and hasn’t been on television - where she performs as RETRIBUTION’s RECKONING - since.

But she returned on Raw last night (Feb. 22). And New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were very exciting to see her. Woods has been lobbying for an intergender match with RECKONING to settle his best-of-five singles series with Mustafa Ali’s group.

Even though WWE’s been a little more open to letting men and women mix it up a bit on SmackDown with Reginald’s involvement in the Carmella/Sasha Banks program, that’s probably not going to happen. Mostly because Yim hasn’t even wrestled a match in 2021. Her last match was a loss to Nikki Cross on the Dec. 31 edition of Main Event.

So the more relevant thing to pay attention to from RETRIBUTION’s segment might be this:

Ali berated his whole squad after T-BAR & MACE lost to Kingston & Woods, which is something that was happening for a while back in December. Like most things RETRIBUTION, the performers were the only ones committed to the idea, and this became less of a focus while Ali & Kofi used their history to build a feud... that it looks like WWE has lost interest in.

But now it’s back, and RECKONING isn’t the only one tweeting her displeasure about being screamed at by a guy who isn’t exactly winning a lot of matches himself.

[Sidebar: I adore MACE]

If there’s one person who could really benefit from a RETRIBUTION split, it’s Yim. Especially with Rhea Ripley coming in, Raw could use more women they feel comfortable booking in longer feuds and matches. Sure, she could end up in catering with Cross, or working tag matches like Naomi. But they’ve shown they’re not going to use her in the division at all as along as she’s wearing that mask.

For now, I’m glad Mia’s healthy and being used. We’ll see if WWE does anything with Mustafa’s meltdown, or if it will be another scrap on the heap of dropped RETRIBUTION angles.

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