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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 results, recap, reactions: New champions

I enjoyed much of this show, so I am not as upset as I would probably be if most of the show was booked like Raw.

Miz is the WWE champion. Party like it’s 2010, y’all!

The decisions that were made leading up to that moment, as well as a decision made to aid that moment, didn’t make a lot of sense. And AJ Styles looked like the biggest idiot in all of this.

The classic heel thing during these matches is the heel doesn’t come out of their pod. They hold their door (which we even saw on this show!), they escape somehow, they try everything in their power to not get in the match. Here Styles was begging to get in early. Why? One dude was gone, and one dude still was waiting in a pod!

That whole thing was dumb. The end of the show was also dumb, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

Let’s get into the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of the 2021 Elimination Chamber, check out the live blog by Rev. Claire Elizabeth!


Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy started off this Elimination Chamber match.

Standard and not really interesting stuff, and then McIntyre’s pod opened and he bulldozed through the two men. McIntyre sent Hardy head first into Kingston’s pod and then Orton took control. Out came Kingston to renew the rivalry with Orton, and then we had quite a bit of tomfoolery.

So Kingston ended up pinning Orton, who then went crazy and RKO’d him and Hardy. Styles was in his pod begging Omos to get him out. Omos ripped the plexiglas off the pod and Styles met Orton at the Chamber door. Styles then went and covered the two men RKO’d and… this was okay? He didn’t need his own countdown? I don’t recall this ever happening in an Elimination Chamber match in the past 8 years.

McIntyre and Kingston went all around the Chamber with a vicious suplex into the chains and to the floor. McIntyre worked over Styles and then Hardy and couldn’t get a pin on either of them. Sheamus finally entered and he and McIntyre brawled. Kofi dove onto them to take them out and climbed up on a pod. Sheamus went after him and McIntyre went after Sheamus.

Kofi dove off of the pod and took everyone out, but couldn’t get a singular pinfall. But Sheamus Brogue Kicked him and eliminated him. Eh. Hardy went up to a pod and dove off to Drew and Sheamus. He tried to take out Styles and turned into a Claymore and bye Jeff.

McIntyre went to Claymore Sheamus but he got Brogue Kicked, Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm and eliminated Sheamus. Styles went for another one and Drew Claymored him mid-air. Pretty cool moment and finish.

And then Bobby Lashley destroyed McIntyre, and looked to the ramp. Miz’s music hit. (Miz and MVP were shown before this match backstage talking.) Miz cashed in… successfully. Successfully.

Wow. This was a decent match but some decisions were certainly head scratchers. Jeff Hardy was nearly useless in this match and chilled out for a big chunk before his elimination. Styles getting to just insert himself without his pod opening? I mean… sure but why don’t other people do that? I’m not going to get into it again. I did not like Kofi getting eliminated before Jeff. Again, Jeff did virtually nothing in this match besides start with Orton and a short sprint.

Sheamus won a match on Raw to be the last dude in, and that didn’t really amount to anything because only one of those dudes was eliminated by the time his pod door opened. Just… a bunch of odd decisions here. Thank God the rest of this show was great to good, otherwise I would have ended really sour.

The big question I have coming out of this - why would MVP make Bobby Lashley of all people help Miz after his US Title loss? I couldn’t tell you what it was, unless it somehow was to benefit Lashley. Hey… maybe this… is to benefit Lashley? Maybe on the next Raw? Hmmm.


I did not expect to see Daniel Bryan and Cesaro starting things off.

They traded uppercuts and Cesaro was sent out of the ring and slapped his head right on the chains of the Chamber. Bryan went for a running knee and Cesaro had a great clothesline to counter. He worked over Bryan’s knee and then got out of an arm bar.

Corbin was out next and bulldozed over both men. He did a Deep Six to both men and tried pinning both to no avail. Corbin slammed Bryan’s knee into Jey Uso’s pod and twisted it around the ring post. Sami Zayn prevented his door from closing but the door opened on the other side and Cesaro manhandled him around the pod.

Cesaro and Zayn were up on top of Jey’s pod and they scaled the chamber, until Cesaro knocked Zayn down. Corbin tried to tackle out Cesaro but Cesaro swung him and made him tap out with the sharpshooter. Owens was next and of course Zayn tried to make him partner up, but nope. Zayn did BITE HIS ARM THOUGH hahaha and Owens super kicked him for it.

Owens did the cannon ball to the three men and everyone finisher spammed without a pinfall. But then it was Jey’s turn and Owens was focused on him. Owens went up to a pod and moonsaulted off to the other four men. Stunner eliminated Zayn. Jey slammed the Chamber door on Owens’ arm and superkick partied him. He actually pinned Owens! There went my prediction.

Bryan and Cesaro went back at it for a fun few minutes, and then Jey eliminated Cesaro and got a near fall on Bryan. Jey went up to a pod and tried a splash again but Bryan got his knees up and executed a running knee to win!

Wasting no time at all, Reigns’ music hit and he was walking down the ramp, shirt off and ready to fight. Bryan pulled himself up and Reigns went to spear him and Bryan did a surprise Yes Lock. Reigns did not appreciate that. Guillotine locked in and the referee called for the bell.

AND THEN SURPRISE SPEAR! Edge speared outtanowhere and pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

Edge vs. Roman Reigns for WrestleMania. It was the most likely scenario, and I’m all on board. It’s new. Unique. Special. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Dominating performance

Well it’s a good thing they showed us how John Morrison got here because I’m not a pre-show guy. Poor Ricochet.

Lashley went right for Riddle and then Morrison. My God Lashley just ethered both men and nearly took out the referee at one point. Riddle tried to sneak attack and Lashley just dumped him on the floor.

Riddle and Morrison decided to work together, and even that didn’t work. Holy shit. Riddle took Lashley out of the ring and Morrison dove onto him, and then Riddle dove onto him. Morrison tried to take out Riddle and both men wore each other down.

Morrison thought he was going to get to use MVP’s crutch on Lashley, but Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and Riddle grabbed that crutch and snapped it on Lashley’s back. Owwwww. Riddle pinned Morrison to win.

Lashley had such a dominating performance so of course the weapon would take him out here. First time title win for Riddle, who’s been marred with controversy since joining the main roster. This match was really fun and it’s much better to have had Morrison here instead of Keith Lee. Bobby Lashley lost it after the match and I have absolutely loved his presentation here, and just in general as of late.

And let’s see what they’ll be doing with him in the very near future.

The Rest

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks took out Jax, and then Belair dominated Baszler. Jax and Baszler started working Banks in their corner and Baszler did her classic arm work on Banks. Oh my God it looked brutal. Sasha really can sell this well too so it looked even more brutal. Jax tagged back in and worked over the same arm. Baszler back and Banks kept trying to pin her and did a nice backslide for a near fall. Banks did a frog splash for a near fall. Belair did the Kiss of Death and then Jax pulled her out at the 2 count. Reginald came out with champagne and tossed the bottle to Sasha, and Jax took advantage of it for the win.

This was my least favorite match, really because I’m getting tired of this Reginald stuff with Sasha. Carmella needs to fire this dude already. If there’s a plan here, I couldn’t tell you what it is. If Carmella had Reggie pulling off this distraction to make Sasha lose, okay, but that is a contrast to what happened on SmackDown. I don’t know, I just want this extended Carmella feud over with.

No Raw Women’s championship match

The Raw Women’s title has had the most awful booking for many months, and I feel really bad for Asuka. Asuka’s a great all around character and person. What the hell are they doing? Lacey Evans is pregnant, and even with that news, they were advertising the match up to I believe yesterday. So they just… drop it. K. How about instead, here me out, book an actual match? They did a qualifier to replace Keith Lee on the pre-show. Why not one for the Women’s title? Stupid.

Grade: B

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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