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Otis isn’t a heel, he’s just easily manipulated

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The Feb. 19 SmackDown gave us something many of us never thought we’d see - a heel Otis Dozovic.

Or did it?

Taking a disqualification loss because his Alpha Academy trainer Chad Gable was giving him some hands on instruction for how to beat down a beloved wrestling hero was one thing. Following that up with an after-the-bell splash on Rey Mysterio was another.

But while these definitely aren’t the actions of a good guy, I’m not sure we should say Dozer’s left the side of the angel’s just yet.

My guy looks pretty confused in this fallout interview.

Here we have a man who lost his guaranteed title shot to a stuck up wannabe movie star when his best friend turned on him. Just this week, he had to watch his (ex?) special lady friend celebrating on another television show with a chart-topping musician. He still hasn’t won a title in his WWE career, and now a former Olympian is in his head, promising glory in exchange for something he already loves - working out.

Otis has always been a simple man. Steaks. Weights. Beer. The Packers. And the occasional peach. That’s it. If he can get those things AND some glory following Gable’s Alpha Academy ways, that doesn’t make him a bad guy.

Plus, if I’m right, recent training partner Daniel Bryan can swoop back into their story. Anyone up for a Bryan vs. Gable feud over who should guide Otis to the promised land?

So don’t fit Dozer for a scarlet “H” just yet. He’s just getting some bad advice, and he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Oh yeah?