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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Feb. 19, 2021): Under your skin

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It’s so great to see Edge back.

While I have consistently complained about the usage of part timers and older stars from yesteryear, WWE is getting it so right with Edge. I wasn’t watching when Edge was on his epic singles run to his retirement in 2011.

I know many have said that it didn’t make sense for Edge to win the Royal Rumble, but because he was unable to go on his own terms the first time around, I feel like this is much deserved. He is allowed one last run, even if its not to win the title, but to chase it.

The best thing about both Raw and SmackDown right now is that there isn’t just one viable person for the top titles, on the men’s side at least. But I have been getting more on board with Edge vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

And this show only added fuel to the fire.

Let’s get to the main hits and misses for this show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Rev. Claire Elizabeth!

Spear vs. spear

Edge had the smartest summary of Roman Reigns at the moment.

Reigns’ ego is fragile because he knows that in order to get the true main event slot at WrestleMania, Edge has to pick him. Reigns came out and Edge said he knows he’s already under his skin because he lost his cool last week.

Then Sami Zayn came out because he has a death wish. Instead of getting speared, he got superkicked by Jey Uso for talking too much. Thanks, Jey!

I am loving Edge’s use on this show. He’s putting over everyone as viable contenders to main event WrestleMania with him. He also has gotten Roman to crack for the first time. It’s so great.

For the main event, Cesaro’s swinging was really fun, particularly the swing to Corbin but then all three heels isolated him from his tag partners. A whole bunch of stuff happened, notably Owens never getting tagged in, and then Bryan did the double underhook superplex off the top rope into a Yes Lock to get Sami Zayn to tap out.

Corbin then attacked Bryan, Owens gave him a stunner, Zayn to Owens, Cesaro to Zayn, Uso to Cesaro, and then Edge speared Jey. Surprise! Roman speared Edge to close the show.

As I said in my opening remarks, I am getting more sold on Roman vs. Edge at WrestleMania more and more. It really makes a lot of sense here. As for Elimination Chamber, so many options makes sense, because we know Reigns will be the champion coming out of it.

Not over

Every bit of this is phenomenal.

Before the match, Big E came to commentary and said that he’s beaten Crews three times in six week, so he doesn’t see picking him again for another Intercontinental title shot.

In the back, Apollo talked about how E was intimidated by him, and if he took the time to get to know him, and his Nigerian royal heritage (this is so cool) E would have had his tongue cut for the way he spoke last week. My goodness the character they’re finally allowing Crews to have.

Crews went for a military press and Nakamura reversed it and got the win and Crews lost it. He attacked Nakamura and E got in front of him to prevent the steel steps spot. Then E made the stupid move of turning his back. And then WWE used smart camera tricks and showed Apollo drop the steps on him.

Y’all, this is incredible. Apollo doesn’t deserve another title shot, but he’s definitely going to get it. It definitely won’t be a singles match, though. A triple threat for the pay-per-view would be great.

Use the door!

So… this was quite a segment that led to quite a match.

Ding Dong! Hello! had its great 90’s talk show feel with Aunt Bayley and this week, she had a large amount of interrupting guests. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were out first and did the both going through the door spot. Bayley thanked them for being troopers and going on all three WWE shows and then talked down about both Sasha and Bianca Belair.

Reginald then came out and stanned for Sasha. Then Sasha came out and said she’s the top of the division. Then Bianca came out to put Sasha in check. Reggie said “hey, let’s all have a match together” and on it went.

Bayley and ShaNia worked Banks over and kept her isolated in their corner. Then Reginald tagged in and Nia said she’s “EXPENSIVE, wine boy!” and I laughed out loud. She knocked Reginald about, and then Banks and Belair took out Baszler. Then they kicked Nia as Reggie was on her and he pinned her to win.

So… not a great few weeks for Nia, huh? This was a bit of a head scratcher because I don’t know where this Sasha and Reginald thing is going. Where’s Carmella? Turns out she was just chilling in the back waiting for wine. Supposedly he’s supposed to “do the right thing” whatever that means.

They’re also using Reginald’s win to give Sasha and Bianca a women’s tag title shot at Elimination Chamber. That’s… a decision. Aren’t there enough women’s tag teams that could have this spot?

The Rest


Seth Rollins threw to a video of like almost his entire segment from last week. He said he knows a thing or two about being betrayed (because Big E was stretchered out), and that he has emotional trauma and it’s unacceptable. He and his lawyers have drafted a complaint. He then said that he has millions of followers and that Cesaro is a loser. Clearly they’re going to be doing Cesaro and Rollins which pretty much gives away that Cesaro isn’t winning at Elimination Chamber. We already knew that anyway so it doesn’t bother me.

Alpha Academy vs. The Mysterios ended in a disqualification

Gable and Dom had some mat work, and then Otis tagged in and ran through him. Well basically this was super quick and Otis turned heel. Intrigued to see where this goes.

Tamina and Natalya defeated The Riott Squad

Ruby Riott was rocked immediately and tagged in Morgan. Tamina was showing some nice fire and strength in this match. Natalya charged Morgan into the corner but Liv and Ruby got the better of her. A double team effort got the Riott Squad a near fall. And then Billie Kay came out and it once again distracted the babyfaces because that’s what happens. Tamina got the win for the heel team, and then when Billie tried celebrating with them, Tamina superkicked her. Hey, I can’t fault them. They know what happens if Billie thinks she’s your friend. They’re doing the Riott Squad dirty. Do not like this.

Grader: B+

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?