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Ric Flair explains why he’s aligned with Lacey Evans

We know why Lacey Evans would want to cozy up with Ric Flair, considering she’s embroiled in a feud with Charlotte and, well, you can see how that would cause some issues for her. But why is Ric going along with it? There are some answers that stick out as obvious, of course, but WWE never really bothered to explain it much.

Thankfully, Charly Caruso straight up asked him what he’s getting out of this on Raw Talk last night and he gave this story a whole hell of a lot more depth with his response:

“I’m regaining my self respect. Charly, long before you were born, The Nature Boy was the reason some people think that the business as you know it is where it’s at today. It all started long ago with a guy named The Nature Boy, okay? You see this right here? I got two of them. I’m going to have three when Orton retires. I’ll have four because I’m going to go in the Hall of Fame as not only the greatest wrestler of all time, which I already am… There’s a Hall of Fame worth of knowledge right here (in my head). And if the great one, who I’m so tired of hearing people tell me is better than me… maybe she is, but I’m going to do something that I’ve never done. So, the great one was trained by Hunter in NXT, right? Well, who do you think Hunter grew up loving? Who do you think Shawn grew up loving?

“So I’m going to take all this, and all this positivity, I’m going to quit being humble, I’m going to tell the dressing room like it is, and I’m going to train her to be a world champion. And being a world champion in this company is gold. You have it your whole life. It’s not like this Rolex watch, I have 30 of those. This (Hall of Fame ring) is what you want, that (title) is what you want. The only way to get there is through hard work. She’s been a Marine. She’s not afraid of the work, not afraid of the time. We’re going for the gold. Sorry to be like this but I haven’t been… Serving notice to the dressing room. … (Charlotte) has 13 world titles. We’re going to get one, we’re going to start with one. And maybe a Royal Rumble. We’re going to start right now. Serving notice.”

What more do you need?

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