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Lars Sullivan reportedly released by WWE

According to a report from PW Insider, Lars Sullivan was quietly released by WWE last month.

Sullivan started out in NXT in 2017 before he was called up to the main roster in late 2018. Vignettes aired teasing his debut on both Raw and SmackDown but he missed a scheduled appearance on the former before taking a months long break. Shortly after he returned, he became the subject of controversy when inappropriate comments he made online resurfaced. That led to an apology and WWE fined him and sent him to sensitivity training.

Just a couple months into his run, he suffered a knee injury that led to an extended absence, one he wouldn’t return from until late in 2020. He was drafted to SmackDown, packaged as The Freak who bullied others as a kid and wanted to do the same in WWE, and then he disappeared just as quickly as he returned.

Now he’s gone from the company altogether. He remains active on his Instagram page but has yet to comment publicly about the release, instead simply posting workout videos. WWE also has yet to make any announcement on the matter.

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