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How Randy Orton dealt with losing to Edge because of vampire Alexa Bliss

The year long Randy Orton/Edge program ended on Raw last night (Feb. 1) just the way we always knew it would... Orton getting speared after he was distracted by a possessed(?) Alexa Bliss magically appearing with blackish goo dripping out of her mouth.

How does a man - and one who’s only just recovered from having his face burnt by a Bliss’ fireball - deal with that?

If you’re our man Randy, you get on Twitter in the middle of the night and start busting balls, that’s how.

First, he retweeted the latest ominous video from former NXT champion Karrion Kross, telling Scarlett’s man to come do some business on the main roster. Isn’t feuding with one indestructible dude with a mystical lady friend enough for Orton?

Guess not...

Not content to just harass one bald wrestler, the Viper then decided to complain to Stone Cold about the lack of an invite to The Broken Skull Sessions or Straight Up Steve Austin:

It may not be the way you or I would deal would a possibly vampiric schoolgirl, but Orton gets results.

Kross is down...

And he didn’t get a “yes” from Austin, but it sounds like he’ll get that chance to chat with his fellow snake-nicknamed legend eventually...

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