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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Feb. 1, 2021): Please stop this

I said in my Royal Rumble recap that I was worried the show and beyond would be bad.

I was wrong because Raw, for the first time in weeks (and honestly, maybe even months) was a good show! Show long arcs and matches with stakes make 3 hours… slightly shorter.

However, a past worry of mine has come to light, and I actually feel bad about it. I am pretty much against the Alexa Bliss Fiendette stuff. It’s overstayed its welcome. If you are someone into this, more power to you.

The reason why I don’t like saying it is because I feel we should be supportive of wrestlers being happy and creatively stimulated in wrestling. Alexa is a fan of horror so this is right in her wheelhouse. You can even see that she’s enjoying herself. I’m not anymore. I want this to end. The magic stuff has been way too heavily relied on and I’m done with it.

I cannot handle this for 2 more months.

Let’s get to the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of Raw, check out the live blog by Rev. Claire Elizabeth!

The black cloud is gone, but the blood remains

Edge came out and interrupted Drew McIntyre.

He did something very right that we didn’t realize was so true until a few minutes later - he called out McIntyre’s friendliness. He just won the Rumble and instead of kicking his head in, McIntyre’s being all happy and going down memory lane. When you have the title, you should always be looking out.

Sheamus then came out and got in Edge’s face but McIntyre told him to back off. Edge said he’d let McIntyre know his answer, and left. Drew turned around into a Brogue Kick. After the commercial, Sheamus told Charly Caruso that he’s no longer a friend of Drew McIntyre. Later, an emotional Drew questioned Sheamus’ actions but… really dude? I mean it should have been obvious this guy was going to turn on you.

Obviously that’s how WWE booked it, but a normal person would have seen it coming from a mile away. Sheamus has been an asshole for weeks and never got along with Drew’s other bestie. They even brawled themselves last month. I didn’t like that.

So Orton and Edge was advertised for the main event, and Orton congratulated Edge for winning the Royal Rumble. But Edge made him out to be a liar when he said Edge would never come back. So now he needs to end it for good.

Edge hit a couple of Executions, even reversing an RKO into one for a near fall. Edge sent Orton into the barricade from the apron, and then Orton went to the announce table and raked Edge’s eyes. Orton hit the DDT and set up the RKO.

And then the creepy music played and Alexa was sitting on the top turnbuckle behind Orton. What I presume was blood poured out of her mouth, and Edge speared Orton on the distraction and won.

Opening remarks said it all. Not a fan of this anymore. I still feel bad saying it, but sheesh. Happy for Edge though, because his presence on this show helped. He even gave Damian Priest a rub! I know now that I’m really disliking the Alexa stuff when the Edge win here didn’t feel as good as it should have for me.

Please, let’s get Bray back and just end this at the next pay-per-view. I can’t handle this for another 2 months.

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest have arrived

Miz finally got the biggest guest for Miz TV he could ever get.

Miz and Morrison went through their usual recapping garbage and then brought out the big star. Bad Bunny had a pink mic and a not so enthused look on his face. Miz apologized for his part last night and asked… Bunny (I guess that’s what I’m supposed to call him?) if he had anything to say.

Bunny said no. Miz said that he heard about him wanting to be a WWE superstar and that they could help him out if Bunny would help them get a recording contract. They then sang. Ugh.

Bunny said he wasn’t interested and Miz got hot about it. Bunny said he was really here because Damian Priest wanted to be on Miz TV.

And that led to a Priest and Miz match. Priest had an impressive dive using the middle rope but Miz got some momentum. Miz got distracted by Bunny at commentary and Priest took advantage. Morrison baited Priest and Miz went to grab the briefcase. Bunny grabbed it and hit Morrison with the mic.

This was a very fun segment and match and for the life of me I have no idea why people have grief with Bad Bunny. Y’all - it’s Bad Bunny. Why is this, for lack of a better word, bad? Dude’s popular as hell and enjoys wrestling. Has a decent cross body, too! Bunny made me interested in Miz and Morrison. And it’s helping Damian Priest on the main roster!

Instead of debuting as Kevin Owens’ best friend out of nowhere and being third wheel in that feud, he’s debuting as the friend of Grammy nominated, multi Billboard Latin Music Award winner, MTV VMA winner Bad Bunny.

That’s a win in my book!

The Rest

The Hurt Business defeated Lucha House Party

Benjamin started with Dorado and tossed him like a rag doll. Metalik tagged in and Alexander was legal. The story very early was that the Lucha House Party are a cohesive unit. Benjamin showed his power and agility against the luchas. Metalik and Alexander had a sprint. Luchas double tagged and Metalik would have gotten the victory if Benjamin hadn’t just got there in time to break it up. Alexander was about to finish it and Benjamin tagged in. Ced wasn’t happy about it. They’re obviously doing a break up angle. It’s… been a long one for sure. I’m conflicted because I don’t really want them to break up but if it gives Cedric a strong singles run, I’m for it.

Fun House Bliss defeated Nikki Cross

This started like the last match between them. Bliss didn’t care as Cross got in her face and screamed at her about being her best friend and she doesn’t care anymore. Bliss started not caring about the match, and switching between smiling at Cross and happy to wrestle. The stupidest part of this was Bliss hop-scotching to Cross and kicking her in the ribs. Bliss transformed into BlissCross Bliss and this time Nikki didn’t fall for it. Bliss transformed back again and then did a new twisted version of the Sister Abigail to win. That looked DOPE! Best part of the whole match.

Lana and Naomi defeated Mandy/Dana and Asuka/Charlotte

Of course. Charlotte told Asuka she’s only focusing on getting back the tag titles but as soon as her father’s music hit, she tagged out of the match and walked up the ramp. Like… why? I was actually enjoying the match, and the right women won to be perfectly honest. There’s something fun about Naomi and Lana. And Lana being involved just makes sense considering who the tag champions are. Asuka looked the worst here because of Charlotte’s nonsense, which is also no surprise. I almost wouldn’t mind Asuka turning on Charlotte now.

Jeff Hardy and Carlito defeated Elias and Jaxson Ryker

Carlito is back! Ryker pulled on Hardy’s pants and Elias took advantage. The heels were able to isolate Hardy and Elias almost put him away. Ryker missed a headbutt and Hardy tagged Carlito who had a real hot tag and hit the backstabber on Elias. Hardy with the Swanton to pick up the win. Carlito is back. Carlito is JACKED. This show’s looking even better.

Xavier Woods defeated Mustafa Ali

Ali was focusing more on Kingston outside the ring, but it wasn’t really distracting him much. Woods ducked a knee and did a discus clothesline which he would have won with if T-Bar didn’t interfere. Kingston leaped off of T-Bar and took out Slapjack, and Woods reversed Ali’s pin to get the victory. We’re at 2-2 now. I figured this was happening but it made it a little less sweet to see Ali be the loser.

Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle ends in a disqualification

Riddle has been pretty smart in each match with Lashley, always going after him the moment the bell rings. Unfortunately not much happened except a bunch of Hurt Locks and a disqualification. But whew boy did Lashley look mean and scary. This is definitely not done.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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