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Matt Camp has some words for Kyle O’Reilly’s online ‘doctors’

WWE ran an injury angle for Kyle O’Reilly during the main event of the Feb. 17 episode of NXT. It generated a lot of attention, which the company was probably pleased about.

Within hours, however, they were contacting media sources to let the world know it wasn’t real. That certainly wasn’t in their plans. But thanks to some fans in attendance at Orlando’s Capital Wrestling Center who posted pictures of O’Reilly selling Adam Cole’s attack, and at least one of them stating that Kyle was having a seizure, Triple H & team had no choice but to clear things up.

From 10 p.m. to around 1 a.m. Eastern, the “seizure” story took on a life of its own, with fans tying it to KOR being diabetic. Even some NXT talent and others in the wrestling business got caught up in the trending topic, tweeting well wishes for O’Reilly’s recovery.

Having cleared the confusion up over the past 24 hours, NXT is back to the story they wanted to be telling all along. Matt Camp’s latest NXT Injury Report is part of that, and while running down Kyle’s kayfabe status, he had a few indirect words for everyone involved in spreading the “seizure” speculation on Wednesday:

“I can report the rumors surrounding Kyle’s status were highly inaccurate and not properly fact-checked. Per WWE’s medical team, O’Reilly does have a neck injury and is currently not medically cleared. Any other reports that did not specifically come from WWE are simply untrue.”

This stuff was more common back in the before times when arenas were packed full of phone-wielding scoopsters, and really, there’s nothing wrong with sharing what you’re seeing. The trouble started when people started diagnosing Kyle’s condition.

WWE was going to share more video of KOR’s stretcher job themselves before the 21st century grapevine got going after the show (like this). Maybe they should have better prepared themselves for this by smartening up the locker room ahead of time, or telling performers to remove spasm-like twitching from their selling repertoire (something a lot of wrestlers do, including Daniel Bryan and Edge). Now that they’ve seen the power of one person tweeting “seizure”, they almost certainly will in the future.

Because the alternative is hoping people will stop presenting speculation as fact on the internet. And we all know that’s not going to happen.

Anyway, here’s Camp’s latest video, and the full list of what it covers:

  • Kyle O’Reilly: neck injury; not medically cleared
  • Io Shirai: facial injuries; day-to-day
  • Leon Ruff: injuries to the back and neck; medically cleared as tolerated

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