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Miro makes a very good point about Nia’s hole

Lana defeated Nia Jax in a Tables match on the Feb. 8 episode of Raw. The most memorable spot of the match occurred, of course, when Nia Jax fell butt-first on the apron and screamed out “My hole!

Since then, “My hole!” has made its way to both SmackDown and NXT. But it’s the sort of situation that naturally transcends promotional bounds, which is why AEW wrestler Miro has some thoughts on the matter. You can listen to his wise words about hole injuries in the embedded video at the top of the post, from Miro’s YouTube channel. Here’s the main point:

“It was unbelievable man, and I thought it was her [Lana’s] best match to date, one hundred percent. That was [Lana’s] best match, because the obstacle was so huge, and Nia just dominated. Nia did so good. She did everything she was supposed to do. But unfortunately at the end, you know when you hurt your butthole, you can’t do nothing about it. I don’t know if you guys fell on your buttholes before, but I have, and it’s really really painful.”

It’s a situation that I can definitely relate to. I remember a couple years ago when I suffered a hole injury in the morning while blogging about Bobby Lashley’s stupefying ass. There was nothing I could do about it at that point, and I had to call out for the rest of the day.

Miro used to wrestle in WWE as Rusev, and he is married to Lana. In the remainder of the video, he praises Lana’s hard work to improve as a wrestler and her determination to excel. He says nobody can match her willingness to always give one hundred percent, no matter what’s asked of her. That’s why Lana is the best, Lana number one.

Lana has a women’s tag team championship match coming up at some point (along with her partner Naomi), so she might soon have the gold to prove Miro’s words right on this one too.

Do you think “My hole!” will end up being more helpful for Lana instead of Nia Jax?

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