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Kyle O’Reilly provides an update on his health

Last night’s episode of NXT ended with an injury angle where Adam Cole attacked Kyle O’Reilly. A stretcher job after the show went off the air spread mass confusion and alarm concerning O’Reilly’s real health status, even among many people within NXT. Reports indicated that it was a work, but there was still heavy uncertainty regarding all the details.

The man at the center of it all provided a health update on Twitter a short while ago:

“Thanks everyone for checking in, your love and support truly means the World. I was placed on a stretcher last night out of concern for my neck after receiving a brainbuster on the steps. Thankfully I can move around somewhat OK today but I may need some time to heal.

As much as that hurt and sucked last night, the betrayal was worse. Coming back from this stronger and with a thirst for revenge. Best served cold.”

Everything here is worded completely in kayfabe. He attributes the stretcher job to the brainbuster that he suffered at the hands of Cole, but he emphasizes that Cole’s betrayal was far more painful to endure.

So there you go. It’s reasonable to conclude that this whole thing was a work, and while Kyle is hurting in kayfabe, there’s no need to be worried about his actual health.

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