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Roman Reigns is very good at his job, Exhibit 796

After taking WrestleMania 36 - SummerSlam 2020 off from WWE, Roman Reigns has been on fire.

A lot of that is his nailing the Tribal Chief character he came back as, but it’s also how perfectly he’s balanced the act of keeping an edge to his performance even when he’s performing as “Roman Reigns: Public Face of WWE” and not “Roman Reigns: Lead Character on SmackDown”.

We got another example this afternoon, when a fan ragged on him not being mean enough when he’s not on television. This person more or less wants Reigns to demand journalists “acknowledge him”, I guess. And if they don’t, the thinking probably is that Roman should have Jey Uso beat them up?

No matter. The Head of the Table handled it perfectly...

The “be well” is just * chef’s kiss *.

Anyway, be sure to join us again next time for another episode of “Roman Reigns is very good at this job”!

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