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WWE’s reportedly filmed footage for a second NXT show

Tentatively called NXT Evolve, the show is said to be ‘nothing like anything else WWE is doing.’

Back in December, a report popped up about Triple H tasking a few members of his team to create a new NXT show. We’re now getting some details about what WWE’s latest content offering could be.

Fightful Select has the scoop on what’s being tentatively called “NXT Evolve”. The effort sounds like it’s being headed up by former Evolve booker Gabe Sapolosky and Jeremy Borash, who most fans know from his long tenure with Impact. Both men joined WWE in 2018, Sapolsky as a consultant and Borash full-time. Fightful’s report says they’re “heavily involved” in the new project.

Footage has been shot in an Orlando warehouse WWE used as a training facility while Raw and SmackDown were filming at the Performance Center from March - August 2020, and while the PC was being renovated to include the Capital Wrestling Center space NXT is set in today.

As for what’s been taped and who’s been involved?

Several of the newer signings since Summer were involved. Josiah Williams was the host for the show, which saw more of a “fight” feel to it. There was no live commentary, so anything that would be added would be in post-production.

The report confirms what Wrestling Observer said when the rumors surfaced a couple months ago - this is a project that’s been planned for almost two years. Different versions have been pitched during that time. At one point, it was referred to internally as “NXT Underground”. Even at this point, nothing is set in stone.

Plans may still be fluid, but there’s enough momentum that production graphics and even a title belt with the NXT Evolve brand have been created. WWE filed a trademark for that name last summer, shortly after they purchased Evolve from WWN. The October 2020 PC class was almost entirely former Evolve talent. It would stand to reason many of them would be involved in this new project; a lot of them have been given some screen time on Wednesday nights, but not enough to catch on with audiences. Even expanded to two hours, the version of NXT which goes head-to-head with AEW Dynamite doesn’t have much time to spare for developing future television players.

The notion of a “‘fight’ feel” also brings to mind NXT’s Fight Pit, and how former Evolve champ Timothy Thatcher might fit into the new show. Also worth wondering where 205 Live, which has shown signs of becoming NXT’s b-show over the past few months, will fit in with another program under Triple H’s purview.

Interesting times...

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