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It seems Randy Orton beat John Cena & Triple H after smoking out with Snoop Dogg

Somehow, despite being a wrestling blogger who is a big fan of the IDGAF social media king, I missed this from Randy Orton last week...

It’s subtle enough that I don’t feel too bad. Sure, it’s clear what using the tree emoji in combination with anything Snoop Dogg-related means, but Orton does like to stir up shiz-it. We don’t hand him the spoon every time.

But Randall Keith doubled down, retweeting himself to clarify, and well... how big a spoon would you like, sir?

So just to be clear, this is a 15 time WWE World champ sharing with the world that he got high with WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg prior to successfully defending his title against Triple H and John Cena at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on Mar. 30, 2008 in front of more than 70,000 people, with at least a million watching on television around the world.

I have to type “LEGEND” at this point, but that somehow doesn’t feel big enough to cover it.

Honorable mention to the D-O-Double G for clotheslining Santino Marella and sweeping Maria Kanellis off her feet during WrestleMania 24. But I just assume he’s high all the time, so...

NOTE: There’s no official YouTube clip of this, presumably because WWE doesn’t like to call any more attention than they have to to things like the Playboy Bunny Lumberjill match Snoop was Master of Ceremonies for.

Let’s just hope at some point where we get a podcast or something of Randy Orton and Snoop Dogg telling stories about all the times they’ve smoked out together, and what they got up to afterwards.

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