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Lacey Evans gets out of a match by claiming pregnancy (UPDATED)

WWE booked a tag team match pitting Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce against Charlotte Flair & Asuka for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Royce did most of the work, with Evans avoiding any sort of action to stay away from Charlotte:

Ultimately, he straight up walked out of the match but not before grabbing a microphone to explain why she couldn’t wrestle:

That’s right, folks. Evans got out of the match by claiming pregnancy. Ric, for what it’s worth, was shocked at first and then reacted by dancing for joy. I’m not sure if the implication is he is the father of these alleged child but he was awfully happy about it.

Expect some immediate follow up to this, considering Evans is scheduled to wrestle Asuka for the Raw women’s championship at Elimination Chamber in just six days. So either she’s legitimately pregnant and she’s removed from that match or she reveals the lie by the end of tonight.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: According to both PW Insider and Wrestling Inc, Evans is indeed legitimately pregnant and changes will be made to account for that going forward.

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