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The closest we’ll ever get to a CM Punk/Stone Cold Steve Austin feud

For a brief, magical moment back in 2011, it seemed like we might see a program between two of the best microphone men in the history of the wrestling business.

CM Punk was on the verge of dropping the pipe bomb, but even before that game-changing promo he was on of the hottest acts in WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin was in the company fold as the host and head trainer of Tough Enough. Still a few years away from 50, a one-off comeback or even a part-time performer contract still seemed like something the Hall of Famer might do.

We got one tension-filled backstage tease...

But no matter how much we read into Punk wearing Austin’s merch for his famous promo two weeks later, the June 13 encounter was as close as we got.

Until now! Kind of...

The Straight Edged One playfully fielded a question about how a match with Austin would have gone during a Twitter Q & A last week. The Texas Rattlesnake saw that and offered his own take on the booking of a Punk/Austin dream match. The Chicagoan was unfazed...


Oh, he wasn’t “what?”ing me? Whatever. I’ll be over here fantasy booking the feud that has both Stone Cold’s near-broadway and Punk’s squash in it.

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