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Eli Drake arrives in NXT with a new name

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Former Impact World champ Eli Drake (real name Shaun Ricker) made a surprise appearance on the NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Pre-Show.

Greeted by his old pal Wade Barrett (the two worked together recently on NWA Powerr), the smooth talking Drake offered a scoop to Barrett’s Pre-Show co-host, Barstool Sports’ Brandon Walker. He revealed his new name, LA Knight, and issued a warning to every titleholder in the NXT locker room.

Drake’s known for his mic skills, and LA Knight having the same cadence as his old kayfabe name will allow him to smoothly work it into his promo game. He didn’t call anyone a “dummy” though, so he may be changing a few things up.

The 38 year old has been idle since the NWA stopped running shows during the pandemic. Now, he joins a very talented roster on WWE’s Wednesday night show.

Excited to see what LA Knight brings to NXT?