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Who has wrestled on the most consecutive pay-per-views as of January 2021?

65 unique performers competed in a match on the main card of Royal Rumble 2021.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at which performers have currently wrestled on the most consecutive pay-per-view (PPV) events at the conclusion of January 2021. The only rules are that the superstar must have wrestled for more than zero seconds on the main card of the PPV (sorry, pre-show fans), typical 24/7 title shenanigans will be ignored, and events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are omitted from this exercise.

Here are the active streaks coming out of this pay-per-view:

  • 6 events - Roman Reigns
  • 5 events - Drew McIntyre
  • 4 events - Sasha Banks
  • 3 events - Styles, Owens, Woods, Jax, Baszler
  • 2 events - Miz, Carmella, Flair, Orton
  • 1 event - Goldberg, Belair, Naomi, Ripley, Bayley, Evans, Royce, Storm, Riott, Lana, Tamina, Kay, Hall, Cross, James, Victoria, Morgan, Garrett, Wilson, Rose, Blackheart, Brooke, Kai, Natalya, Moon, Fox, Bliss, Edge, Riddle, Big E, Bryan, Nakamura, Ziggler, Christian, Priest, Ali, Zayn, Ricochet, Rollins, Carlito, Morrison, Strowman, Sheamus, Cesaro, Lashley, Rey, Corbin, Hardy, Elias, Dominik, Kane, Otis, Hurricane

And here are the streaks that ended at Royal Rumble:

  • 2 events - Kingston, Asuka
  • 1 event - Alexander, Benjamin, Wyatt

The nature of the Royal Rumble match is such that most wrestlers get on the card, so I find it more interesting to look at who didn’t make the cut. Keith Lee is one of the biggest names that is not on the list, but we already had a good idea that he was going to miss this event in the weeks leading up to it.

Jey Uso is the one star who was actually advertised for the match but didn’t enter the Royal Rumble. His absence has been addressed on the rumor mill.

Kofi Kingston’s injury prevented him from joining the match and doing his annual elimination save gimmick.

A comedy spot and quick elimination of Angel Garza was apparently planned but then removed from the match.

One of the most surprising missing names is Apollo Crews, who has repeatedly brushed shoulders with Roman Reigns and is pursuing Big E’s Intercontinental championship. I’m not sure what the story is there. Crews is the one Royal Rumble exclusion that I can’t make any sense of; Adam Pearce has some explaining to do.

I also thought we might see Bray Wyatt appear in the Royal Rumble to get revenge on Randy Orton, but I failed to consider that it’s very difficult to compete in the Royal Rumble when you’re dead.

Aleister Black, Murphy, Kalisto, and Humberto Carrillo probably never had a chance due to creative having nothing for them in recent months. Meanwhile, Titus O’Neil’s infamous slide gaffe at 2018’s Greatest Royal Rumble wasn’t enough for him to gain entry in the 2021 men’s Royal Rumble match.

Several tag team wrestlers or sidekicks were left out of this one, like the Street Profits, Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, Lucha House Party, Tucker Chad Gable, Jaxson Ryker, and Robert Roode. I guess Dolph Ziggler’s history of losing in so many Royal Rumble matches was enough to keep him in the mix, despite his current status as a tag team wrestler. The non-Ali members of RETRIBUTION all failed to make the cut, as expected.

On the women’s side, Asuka was stuck on the pre-show. Unlike the other wrestlers in her pre-show tag match, Asuka’s status as a singles champion made it unlikely that she would also compete in the women’s Royal Rumble. Then there’s RECKONING, who tested positive for COVID before the event.

What do you think about this list of active streaks, Cagesiders? Which wrestler is most likely to fall off the list at Elimination Chamber?

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