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Nobody fell for Seth Rollins’ face turn fakeout

Most of the SmackDown locker room was ringside for the return of Seth Rollins tonight (Feb. 12).

When “Burn It Down” hit the speakers, the ThunderDome crowd cheered his first appearance since Survivor Series (not counting Royal Rumble), and the leather suit-clad Rollins opened his remarks by saying he’d been changed by recently becoming a parent.

But he didn’t been change that much. Seth went right back to talking about how he’s the leader, teacher, father, mentor, etc. that everyone on the blue brand needs. Rollins implored them to embrace his vision.... as wrestlers threw their hands in the air and walked out.

When he realized what happened, only Cesaro was still there. But when the Savior went to embrace the Swiss Superman, Cesaro made a b-line for ramp. That caused Seth to snap, so he chop blocked the man who’d disrespected him and proceeded to beat him down.

Daniel Bryan, who will tag with Cesaro later tonight, raced in to make the save.

Are one, or both, of these men Rollins’ first rival or rivals of 2021? How will the SmackDown Savior coexist with his old Shield brother, the Head of the Table Roman Reigns?

Possible answers in our SmackDown live blog for this week’s show right here.

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