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Carlito had to leave WWE in order to get JACKED

Carlito was this week’s guest on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast. He recently returned to WWE looking absolutely JACKED at Royal Rumble 2021, and there are rumors that he might be sticking around with WWE in the short-term.

In the embedded video at the top of the post, you can hear Carlito discuss how he needed to get away from WWE ten years ago in order to turn his career around. He felt trapped and asked for his release multiple times, losing his passion as his requests were refused. That’s related to why he lost weight and looked like a shell of himself at the end of his tenure.

Carlito says he’s been jacked for most of his time away from WWE. Getting his body back to where he wanted it to be was one of the first things he addressed after leaving the promotion. Having complete control over his schedule allowed him to optimize his workout and diet regimen. Carlito acknowledges that his physical peak was earlier in his 30’s, and it’s unfortunate that most wrestling fans missed it. Now that he’s approaching 42 years old, his mind for pro wrestling is sharper than ever, but it’s much harder to physically perform at a high level in the ring.

Carlito wasn’t happy with the way things ended between him and WWE ten years ago, and he wanted to return one day and set things right. He didn’t anticipate that it would take ten years to make that happen, but it sounds like he’s already accomplished that goal with his WWE appearances over the last two weeks.

I’ve never been the kind of wrestling fan who concerns myself with a wrestler’s physique too much, but even I had to pause in shock when I saw Carlito at the Royal Rumble 2021. With Carlito looking as jacked as he is now, who knows, maybe Vince McMahon will finally give him that big push.

Do you hope to see more from Carlito inside a WWE ring?

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