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Antoine Winfield Jr. & the WWE title had themselves a time at Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl party

Did it match the peak pro wrestling insanity of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce wearing a WWE title & a fur coat, screaming out Booker T & Ric Flair catchphrases last year?

No, but Buccaneers star rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. didn’t have as big a crowd to play off as he carried the Super Bowl LV champs’ gift from Triple H around the celebration in Tampa today (Feb. 10).

He made up for it by continuing his “payback’s a bitch” taunting tour, with the WWE title front and center.

Buccaneer’s Instagram

For the non-football fans reading this, the Chiefs beat the Bucs during the regular season, and during the course of a historic performance, KC wide receiver Tyreek Hill threw a peace sign at Winfield Jr. en route to a score. Late in Tampa’s beatdown of the Chiefs at the Super Bowl, Antoine returned the favor... and has continued to return it ever since.

Papa Haitch is down with the pettiness...

Hunter’s other emoji is key too, because the booze was flowing at the Bucs’ boat parade. Beers were certainly more readily available than masks, but at least they’re outside? Forget about it Jake, it’s Florida. Anyway...

Drinks are key because Tampa Bay’s legendary quarterback broke his training regimen today and got lit. “Drunk Tom Brady” was trending for a while this afternoon. It was no #MyHole, but it did give the WWE title another high profile moment:

Trips talked to The Wrap earlier this week about the company’s goal in sending out these custom belts. WWE wants “rocking one over your shoulder after winning the big game” to be “the new ‘I’m going to Disneyland’.”

They’ve got to be happy with how today went.

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