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Christian is still being coy about his in-ring future

While I haven’t been waiting quite as long for my favorite wrestler to show back up on WWE television as my man Geno, I am getting antsy about Christian’s next move after his Royal Rumble comeback on Jan. 31.

Word coming out of last week’s PPV was that he’d be returning on a part-time schedule. Edge was listing dream tag matches for a reunited E & C. Big E went on record saying he’d honor the Intercontinental title shot he owed Capt. Charisma from 2014.

So what gives? I was hoping - foolishly - to learn something when Christian was the main guest on The Bump this morning (Feb. 10). But I got more of what he was dishing out after the Rumble:

“No decisions have been made, and I’m not sure at this point. It’s still to be determined, and we’ll just take it day-by-day at his point. And like I said, if that ends up being my last match, I did it on my terms and that’s all I wanted.”

Matt Camp tried a different approach, asking if his comeback was part of plan to get back his Intercontinental title. But Christian was ready to laugh that off:

“I don’t know, looking how big Big E is there [in the clip of their staredown after Christian won the #1 contenders match seven years ago], maybe I won’t go after the Intercontinental championship if I come back. [laughs] Listen, I love Big E. He is one of my favorite people in the entire world, so is Xavier [Woods] and Kofi [Kingston]. I love The New Day, I love all those guys, I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished in the last few years. And you talk about a tag team match, and the backstage that we could do with The New Day would be super entertaining as well, but I can’t tip my hat on anything.”

Maybe E’s GIF based trash talk will get a different response?

Big E’s Twitter via Wrestling With Text

Ah well. Guess I’ll have to be patient.

If you’re a fellow Peep jonesing for more Christian #content, his entire 20 minute chat with The Bump crew is great. He talks getting motivated to make a comeback by his storyline with Randy Orton last spring, finding out he’d be in the ring 48 hours before the Rumble (he was cleared much earlier than that, though), what his good friend & tough critic Lance Storm thought about his first match in seven years, and more.

Now show up on Friday night, man!

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