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Johnny Gargano out of TakeOver: Vengeance Day? (Updated)

The Dusty Classic finals matches weren’t locked in, but the three title bouts on Sunday’s TakeOver: Vengeance Day card looked locked in.

But then North American champion Johnny Gargano’s protégé Austin Theory dropped some bad news on the world last night...

“So I just left Johnny John John’s house - Mr. TakeOver, Johnny Gargano. I can’t hold this in anymore. Johnny’s out of Takeover. That’s right, NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day, Johnny will not be there. And it’s all because of you, Kushida. And you know, I always have a smile on my face, but it’s time to be serious. It’s time to be serious! I’m not playing around. Tomorrow night on NXT, Kushida, you will pay! Not cash, not credit, not debit. You will pay from an ass whoopin’ from Austin Theory - and that is The Way.”

No official word from WWE as of this writing, about the injury or a Theory/Kushida match tonight. But NXT’s Twitter account did retweet Theory’s video... so it’s either legit or part of an angle. Johnny’s been pretty creative in finding ways to get around his “curses”, of which the Japanese Superstar is the latest. I’m guessing this is storyline and Sunday’s match is still on.

But we’ll find out tonight. The best Way to do that is to join us in our live blog and enjoy the reveal with your favorite online wrestling friends.

UPDATE: Theory vs. Kushida is official for the go home show.’s write-up for this match also teases a change to Sunday’s card:

With Gargano out of action, what will this mean for NXT Takeover and the future of the North American Championship?

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